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About Russian sites reported as malware and how to stay safe (and free!)

Dear friends,Just a short note about the issue of (the very good) Взгляд.ру (URL: getting flagged as “malware attack site” or something similar, it could be due to a) something wrong with the site b) something wrong with an advertisement on the site c) political censorship.  The point is this: this is a great opportunity for you all to drop Windows and/or Mac and switch to Linux (properly called

Internet censorship in full swing in the USA (again)

First we had “Evil Joe” Lieberman with his “Internet kill switch” and now they are at it again, this time with a “Protect IP Act“.  The thugs in Congress are always up to no good, usually some crafty way of making the rich richer, the poor poorer, to further reduce any civil liberty left and, last but not least, to do whatever the hell the Israel lobby demands from them. 

‘Iran to unveil national OS soon’

Press TV reports: Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister Reza Taqipour says a national open source operating system is on the way. “The operating system will be primarily installed for industrial centers and organizations and then home users could utilize it if they are willing,” Mehr news agency quoted Taqipour as saying on Monday. He said that the efforts to develop the new project have been accelerated as the existing

Is anybody at Press TV or al-Manar paying attention?

Interesting story this morning on the BBC: it appears that some unidentified “nation state” has put huge efforts into creating a sophisticated worm with “incredible amount of code” “probably targeting “high value” infrastructure in Iran”.  Read the full BBC story here; its confirmed by NZZ here and here in English.  The key sentence in the BBC report is this:” it infects Windows machines via USB keys“. That’s right, this super-dooper-worm