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Is there any reason to hope for France?

by Cosimo A A few people asked me if there’s any reason to hope for France to get better.  This is my 2 cents worth. I might shock you by commenting that as things stand, France is in a much better situation that the US. Let’s start with a nice fun slice of reality, a pleasant truth. Here’s a 1 minute Youtube of Dieudonné, the humorist, at the Zenith hall in

France’s CRIF-run regime has unleashed a vicious persecutions campaign against dissidents

Note: for those who are not familiar with the real political situation in France, please read the following background material: http://thesaker.is/israel-lobby-commits-major-blunder-in-france-tries-to-silence-a-comedian/ http://thesaker.is/dieudonnes-anti-zionist-campaign-in-full-swing-in-france/ http://thesaker.is/is-a-new-revolution-quietly-brewing-in-france/ http://thesaker.is/state-repression-in-france-only-makes-the-resistance-grow-stronger/ http://thesaker.is/quenelle-warfare-in-france-a-report-from-the-trenches/ ——- Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. And above all, Thou shalt not be a bystander. Yehuda Bauer Since many months already the political situation in France has been largely overlooked by events in Greece or the Ukraine and

The Godmother of the Saker Community was in Moscow for Vday!

Dear friends, Claude Roddier, the “Godmother” of the entire Saker Community has just returned from a trip to Russia were she participated in the Vday events in Moscow alongside a delegation representing the French Resistance to the Nazi occupation of France during WWII.  Initially, Claude had planned to travel to Odessa and because of the risks associated with such a trip, we kept all these plans a secret.  Then, after