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Searching for Russia

[Note from the Saker: some of you did notice that I was not posting very much and that I was not replying to emails as much as I used to.  Now I can confess: I was on a semi-confidential trip abroad in a locate with very spotty Internet access (slow, through my smartphone’s dataplan).  I am now back and I will post a full report about this, and my latest

Igor Strelkov replies to Mikhail Khodorkovsky (UPDATED!)

Dear friends,Today I am submitting to your attention two interesting documents. A speech by “ex-oligarch and mobster now turned democratic activist” Mikhail Khodorkovsky and a reply to that speech by Igor Strelkov. Make no mistake, there is a war going on. True, it has not yet turned into a shooting war with armies on both sides unleashing their power, but this is a war nevertheless. This war opposes, on one