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November 22nd 2015 Germany & EU SITREP by ‘C’

The biggest issue in Germany these days is of course the wave of islamist terror attacks that took place over the last couple of days with the ones in Paris dominating the headlines. In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris there have been numerous police raids in France, Belgium and Germany in which a lot of Daesh supporters including the alleged master mind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud,

Looking at the fever chart

by Dagmar Henn What is the state of this republic? In former times, the German left observed every development critically; listening to them you could feel the country’s pulse and had a distinct view on bourgeois democracy. Meanwhile they seem to have lost that ability and are satisfied, as long as their headlined sound nice. Sometimes you need to abstract from the mere content and scrutinize the form of an

Is Germany losing yet another world war?

by Chipstone translated by Tatzhit Mikhailovich original article here: http://chipstone.livejournal.com/1259215.html The harsh rhetoric of Merkel at the Moscow press conference on May 10th, as well as her very sour face after talking to Putin, may have very real and important reasons. Germany is looking more and more like the main loser in the geopolitical schemes of both Russia and USA. Well, if we don’t count Ukraine, which is the main

Yats is Charlie and Ukrainian junta shelling the Donbass (again)

You might have heard that “Yats” has made a great recently: according to him during WWII the USSR invaded the Ukraine and Germany. I would expect no less of him. But the truly pathetic part came from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs which declared that it respected Yats’ right to free speech. Clearly, “Yats is Charlie”. In other news, the Ukrainian junta has resumed and even dramatically stepped up

Germans are angry with their leaders and have been screwed over as well

Dear friends,I sometimes get very interesting emails in my inbox and this happened today when I found the email below sent to me by “M”. Having read it I immediately contacted “M” to ask for his permission to post it here. I felt that this would be especially important since I posted the “Appeal” of Egor Prosvirnin which some of you interpreted as anti-German and then accused me of also

The consent of Germany to economic sanctions against Russia will change Putin’s position and will accelerate Novorossiya’s victory

by Pyotr AKOPOV translated by ‘A’ In the global conflict of Russia and the USA which consequence war in Ukraine turned out to be also, there is an important change which will affect all fronts where Russia resists to atlantist. Germany, some months resisting to pressure of the USA, conceded and agreed to enter economic sanctions. This step seriously will influence Putin’s tactics in the Ukrainian events. It is quite

The German government is acting on it´s own accord as an accomplice, not a vassal of US strategy

Introduction: I am deeply honored and grateful to Dagmar Henn for allowing me to publish here an email she sent me recently. Let me immediately say that I do not agree with her main thesis (that the German government is not a vassal but an accomplice) but my personal views on this topic are irrelevant. What matters is that she makes a very interesting case and that if she is

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier has a fit when confronted by anti-Fascist protestors

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier had a complete fit of rage when he was interrupted during a speech by anti-Fascist demonstrators who were accusing the German regime of supporting Fascists in the Ukraine.  See for yourself for his reaction: The good news is that this incident clearly shows that more and more people understand the nature of the conflict in the Ukraine and that more and more people are willing to

Open letter to Putin (or the real face of the “other” West!)

We all know that the western corporate media lies, that western politicians lie, that a big segment of the population in the West has been zombified into terminal stupidity.  But there is another West which is very rarely mentioned, whose voice is systematically ignored, which is categorically opposed to what is being done in its name by the ruling plutocracy and which refuses to shut up and obey.  All of