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The persecution of Graham Phillips by the UK government

Dear friends About a month ago I wrote about the truly Orwellian persecution of the journalist Graham Phillips by the UK government and I did a short Q&A with Graham himself.  Graham has sent me a number official document regarding his case, I concatenated them into one PDF which I will now share with you: This is a scary, but very interesting read.  One thing is very very clear: Graham’s

We all *must* speak up in defense of Graham Phillips!

Dear friends, After seeing and then posting this video by Graham Phillips I got too disgusted by what was being done to him by the British authorities that I decided to contact him and ask him a few very basic questions about his situation in the hope to introduce him to a larger audience, give visibility to his case and to try to offer him as much support as possible. 

The Scotsman who took a shrapnel wound for Russia

Yup, I managed to get two mistakes into one title yesterday:  Graham Phillips is not English, but Scottish, and his would was caused not by a bullet, but by shrapnel.  The good news is that he is doing well, here he is making a short statement from the hospital.  And, yes, for those who might wonder, he is speaking in Russian, not English, even if his Russians does sound very,

The Englishman who took a bullet for Russia

I have been aware of the numerous reports by Graham Phillips from Novorussia and I knew that he had been kidnapped by Ukrainian goons not once, but twice.  What always touched me in his reports was the visible fondness of the Novorussians for Graham, and in this video below you will see them calling him “Gremchik”.Not even Graham (terrible!) British accent could be an obstacle for the respect and affection