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Greenpeace vs Russia – the relevant context and the real issues

Last month I wrote an article about the real reasons behind the Greenpeace action in the Russian Arctic in which I mentioned several examples of the surge in Arctic related activities initiated under Vladimir Putin: A few years ago, a Russian submarine placed a Russian flag on the North Pole as a clear sign that Russia was claiming its share of the polar resources. Needless to say, the US, Canada

What Russia should do in response to the latest Russia-bashing campaign

In Europe the Russia-bashing campaigns come and go with the regularity reminiscent of times.  Let’s try to recall some of them (in not particular order): Berezovsky as a “persecuted” businessman, Politkovskaya “murdered by KGB goons”, Khodorkovsky jailed for his love of liberty, the “Pussy Riot” “prisoners of conscience”, Litvinenko “murdered by Putin”, the homo-lobby’s call to boycott Russian vodka, the homo-lobby’s call to boycott the Sotchi Olympics, Magnitsky and the