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Heat wave in Europe causes forest fires, which are treated differently compared to those in the Brazilian Amazon

By Guilherme Wilbert for the Saker Blog The imperialists want your riches South America! U.S. SOUTHCOM Commander:”This region is so rich in resources.. it’s off the charts rich.” “60% of the world’s lithium is in the region; you have heavy crude, you have light sweet crude, you have rare earth elements, you have the Amazon..” pic.twitter.com/33dQ6EXKAo — Kawsachun News (@KawsachunNews) July 20, 2022 The environment is one of the key

Ideologies are no longer the way we know them and this means that the world is being reconfigured

By Guilherme Wilbert for the Saker Blog I try to bring a reflection in most of my texts about what competes for the international diplomatic and monetary future after Operation Z in Ukraine, but also, I always try to bring the ideological part into the discussion because this still makes many people’s heads spin. Or are Ukrainian flag-wavers not ideologized? Capitalism and communism have always been enemies at their core,

Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan: an attempt at a color revolution from the West?

By Guilherme Wilbert for the Saker Blog Uzbekistan, a relatively small country wedged between landlocked Turkmenistan to the south and Kazakhstan to the north, is undergoing state reshaping and suffering from protests that some analysts are calling “foreign interference” in what is known as Karakalpakstan. Karakalpakstan is a relatively sovereign region within Uzbekistan. Relatively because it shares veto power over its “state” decisions (the territory is not a de facto

The disintegration of Western society – visible to the naked eye

by Guilherme Wilbert for the Saker Blog While we notice the closest integration among emerging countries, we notice a certain disparity among the richest, first-world countries, because they may not seem like it, but they also have internal problems that cannot always be fought. And the most recent of these is inflation, with an unprecedented rise in prices. The middle class, the main target of the Great Reset enthusiasts, is

Paradoxically, the Soviet Union, the ultimate symbol of communism, was created by international bankers

By Guilherme Wilbert for the Saker Blog One of the great post-World War II myths, which is repeated like a mantra by starched college students with a syndrome of embracing all the causes of the world, is that the Soviet Union was built on the strength of the people and remained so during the years when it was a de facto country, but this could not be further from reality.

Sweden and Finland joining NATO precedes an inevitable financial collapse of the current international system

Sweden and Finland joining NATO besides being a provocative act towards Russia, precedes an inevitable financial collapse of the current international system By Guilherme Wilbert for the Saker Blog The Nordic entry into NATO, in the middle of a war, is clearly an act that does not help the peace negotiations that could be underway, but acts as the opposite, putting more wood on the fire for “military-technical” measures (to

Lavrov gets it right by comparing European Union and NATO to Hitler’s old Axis

By Guilherme Wilbert for the Saker Blog Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated on 06/24/2022 that the European Union and NATO appear to be carrying out a military coalition for a war against Russia. The statement was given in Baku in Azerbaijan during an interview. “They are creating a new coalition for fighting, that is, for war with Russia. We will follow this very closely,” the Minister rightly declared, because

The BRICS+ show themselves as an alternative to the current international financial system, but still with caution

By Guilherme Wilbert for the Saker Blog Since the beginning of Operation Z in Ukraine, unfortunately interpreted as an invasion or an occupation of Ukrainian territory by the Russians, realpolitik has accelerated integration among economic blocs of emerging countries, with several speeches by BRICS regional leaders speaking openly about the weight of emerging economies in global economic development. The last BRICS meeting on 06/23, with open criticism of western sanctions