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Fascism in the EU

by Hans Vogel for the Saker blog “Wij zijn de zwarte soldaten, want wij strijden voor vrijheid en voor recht!” (We are the black soldiers, ‘cause we fight for freedom and for justice) Thus went a marching song of the NSB, the Dutch National Socialist party (1932-1945). Of course, black referred to the color of their uniforms, not the color of their skins. In some weird way this old song,

Women in Cabinets and Boardrooms

By Hans Vogel for the Saker blog Do you remember Margaret Thatcher? And Indira Gandhi? Have you ever heard of Golda Meir? All three were “Iron Ladies” who as leaders of their countries and staunch defenders of national interests, truly made a difference. One may or may not agree with their political philosophies and opinions, but there is no denying these women were truly great politicians, outshining even most of

Micha Kat: the Dutch Julian Assange

By Hans Vogel for the Saker Blog What is a journalist? Essentially, a journalist is a person who writes articles for a newspaper or a website. Journalists come in two varieties: reporters, who tell what they see on location, and investigative journalists, who work with looser deadlines. The latter has a broader perspective, trying to give the public a fuller picture of what is truly going on. It is the