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European homo-fans strike crushing blow at Russia

Check out this latest “journalistic pearl” from the BBC: Francois Hollande’s government gave no reason for its decision to stay away Neither President Francois Hollande nor any top French official will attend the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has said. Mr Fabius announced the decision on French radio, but gave no explanation. Last week German President Joachim Gauck also said he was not going to the

Why I say that the “homo rights in Russia” lobby is full of crap

In the comments section of my previous post, Jack brought to my attention the following video:It is supposed to show how a “Gay Reporter Kicked off Kremlin Network After Protesting Anti Gay Law“ Now the way this video ends one could be forgiven for thinking that the homo in question, James Kirchick, was rudely thrown off the set or something similar.  Except that what actually happened is that they simply

“Barbie Breakout” takes a stand on the rights of Russian homosexuals

This is great stuff!  First, check this out:And then, if you wonder how “Barbie Breakout” got “its” looks, here is “Barbie” “itself” showing you “its” tricks (German audio only, but who cares?) Amazing, no? I really wonder if creatures like “Barbie Breakout” have any idea what kind of effects “its” videos have on the Russian public opinion.Probably not.  LOL!The Saker