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Novorussian militiaman tortured to death by the Ukronazi junta

Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard cross posted with https://www.stalkerzone.org/the-true-cause-of-death-of-the-lpr-militiaman-killed-in-a-lvov-prison-was-revealed/ source: https://ukraina.ru/news/20190110/1022297132.html THE TRUE CAUSE OF DEATH OF THE LPR MILITIAMAN KILLED IN A LVOV PRISON WAS REVEALED According to the forensic-medical diagnosis signed by the manager of the Severodvinsk inter-district “Bureau of forensic-medical examinations” of the Arkhangelsk region, the prisoner of war and militiaman Valery Ivanov died as a result of a blunt combined body trauma. According to the document, a copy

First they came for the Nazis and pedophiles…

This column was written for the Unz Review First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews

The Mosul Massacres: the Banality of Evil revisited.

By Anwar Khan What is the moral difference–if any– between the intentional shooting at fleeing civilians and using them as human shields on the one hand, and the flattening of entire neighborhoods, killing hundreds of innocent civilians, on the pretext of the presence of enemy fighters there-in, on the other? The answer is that there is no moral difference. Both are high crimes under any book, and it is being

Full text: Human Rights Record of the United States in 2016

BEIJING, March 9 (Xinhua) — The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China published a report titled “Human Rights Record of the United States in 2016” on Thursday. Following is the full text of the report: Human Rights Record of the United States in 2016 State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China March 2017 Foreword On March 3 local time, the State Department of

The arrest of two mass murderers can blow up Europe

by Evgenii Krutikov source: http://www.vz.ru/world/2015/6/19/751557.html Translated by Seva The arrest of two mass murderers can blow up Europe Within a few days two men were arrested: Naser Orić and Ramush Haradinaj, two well-known figures of the Balkan wars, two mass murderers, whose names are as known to Serbs as the names of Basaev and Chikatilo are to Russians. Both were on trial in the Hague, accused of genocide, and both

Novorussian and Ukrainian POWs

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Givi and the Geneva Conventions

There has been a lot of criticisms of the battalion “Somali” and Givi for the way they treated the junta’s prisoners, including the Colonel who, apparently, was the commander of the junta’s 93rd Brigade. Let me begin by agreeing with those who say that the treatment of these prisoners did violate the Geneva conventions, no doubt about it in my mind.   The law (or how it maybe would be

State Crime in Iguala, Guerrero (Mexico)

By Rolando Garrido Romo In these days the people of Mexico are facing a double assault by the political and economic elite of the country, subservient to Washington, which mainly aims to strengthen control over financial and natural resources of the country through the implementation of reforms imposed by the government of president Peña Nieto; and at the same time criminalizing social protest, suppressing all dissent sample or rejection by

War crimes and atrocities in Syria – a common sense approach

According to the BBC, the UN bureaucrats are now trying to implicate Syrian President Assad in war crimes. According to UN Commissioner Navi Pillay “the scale of viciousness of the abuses being perpetrated by elements on both sides almost defies belief” and evidence indicated responsibility “at the highest level of government, including the head of state“.  Notice the nuance?  Both sides have perpetrated atrocities, but the evidence only “points to

My hypothesis as to why three FBI agents ended up murdering Ibragim Todashev

RT TV is getting better and better, mostly thanks to the truly excellent reporters they hire. And no, I don’t mean Larry King (Larry King Now), though hiring him was a nice PR coup, but rather folks like Peter Lavelle (Cross Talk) and Abby Martin (Breaking the Set) who talk to the right people and ask the right questions. This time, I want to draw your attention to a most

40 human beings are force-fed everyday in Guantánamo Bay – see for yourself what this procedure looks like (UPDATED!)

As Ramadan begins, more than 100 hunger-strikers in Guantánamo Bay continue their protest. More than 40 of them are being force-fed. A leaked document sets out the military instructions, or standard operating procedure, for force-feeding detainees. In this four-minute film made by Human Rights organization Reprieve and Bafta award-winning director Asif Kapadia, US actor and rapper Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), experiences the procedure:  UPDATE:Today I came across

A few basic reminders about wars, civil wars and human rights

Robert recently posted the following comment on this blog: Manicheanism tends to take over with civil wars. Both sides tend to believe all that is good is with them and all that is evil with the other and this usually leads to fiendish atrocities on both sides. The media often then gives selective reporting of atrocities by the side they favour. In a war with a foreign enemy you can

The DOJ’s escalating criminalization of speech

by Glenn Greenwald for Salon.comOver the past several years, the Justice Department has increasingly attempted to criminalize what is clearly protected political speech by prosecuting numerous individuals (Muslims, needless to say) for disseminating political views the government dislikes or considers threatening. The latest episode emerged on Friday, when the FBI announced the arrest and indictment of Jubair Ahmad, a 24-year-old Pakistani legal resident living in Virginia, charged with “providing material

Glorious victory for the invincible Tsahal!!

Commentary by Mark Regev (or was it Barak Obama? don’t matter – same thing): It is good to see that the glorious and invincible IDF (aka ‘Tsahal’) continues to maintain a clear military edge over the terrorists and enemies of democracy, civilization and progress. As the only democracy in the Middle-East continues to be surrounded by millions of barbarians representing an existential threat to the peace-loving Jewish state of Holocaust

Sacrilege, rape, torture, murder and other atrocities continue in Bahrain

by Zafar Bangash for Crescent International Saudi-Bahraini atrocities against peaceful protesters Given its tiny size (1.215 million population and 290 sq. miles of territory), Bahrain would not warrant a second glance yet its un-elected, tribal rulers rub shoulders with leaders at the world stage. Originally from Kuwait, the Khalifah family moved to Bahrain displacing Banu ‘Utbah nearly 200 years ago. Since then, the Khalifahs have ruled the tiny island as