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Scott’s Collection of Russian Humor (Hilarious – MUST READ!!)

A warning from Scott: Prior to writing for thesaker, I collected antiques and art. Since I started writing, I gave up my family, my job, my business, sleeping, showering, and other bad habits. Hell, I even stopped shaving my beard. Being a compulsive collector, now I only collect Russian jokes and anecdotes. First, they are free. Second, they are more effective than booze and drugs combined. You have been warned.

Russian tanks in the White House?

Check this out: a group of Russian students have somehow projected footage of the Victory Day parade on the White House.  They called their project “polite tanks” and they explained that “if Barak does not want to come to the parade, the parade will come to him”.  I love it!

Ukrainian conflict: the less depressing side

Compiled by “Tatzhit” Mihailovich One cultural/media aspect of the new “hybrid war” that goes virtually unreported in the West is the humor, political cartoons, etc. Here are some examples, organized into several categories, with appropriate footnotes being given either next to joke/picture, or in the end of the post (*Russophobes can skip to the last section – on Putin and Russia – and spare me the inane cries of “This

Putin’s Whereabouts Confirmed at the Grassy Knoll!

by Norman Ball Just when it seemed the ‘missing Putin’ rumors couldn’t get any stranger, a photo has emerged that places the Russian leader in Dealey Plaza in 1963, armed, shirtless and perched malevolently atop the infamous grassy knoll. Meanwhile, the CIA has vehemently denied any complicity in proffering a doctored photo. In fact CIA Director Brennan offered to “swear on a stack of Bibles provided I can keep one

Still no Nazis in the Ukraine, that is all Kremlin propaganda

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A “revisionist Russia” on “NATO’s doorstep”

RT reports:US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki and Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby have been challenged over the Department of Defense’s claims that the US must “deal” with “modern and capable” Russian armed forces on NATO’s doorstep. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu expressed “grave concern” and “surprise” at a Wednesday speech made by US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel during the Association of the United States Army’s annual