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On a lighter note: the BBC propaganda is still the best

Actually, there is some very serious stuff taking place – infighting in the Novorussian leadership is getting worse and worse but I need time to write up something more or less coherent.  So that is for later today or tomorrow.In the meantime, here are a few short ones:The BBC is the best!I saw the following to on the BBC’s website yesterday: “This was ferocious work, involving more precise firepower than

Laughter and concern

First, some laugher: I just want to show you how Ukie nationalists (Shevchenko and Liashko) interact with each other.  This needs no translation:Precious, no? Then, the possibly very bad new: Vzgliad is reporting that Igor Strelkov has resigned his position as Defense Minister.  If confirmed – Vzgliad is usually well-informed – this is very bad news.  Not that Novorussia lacks capable military leaders, but because Strelkov had managed to subordinate

Polish Ambassador’s #FreedomApples Appeal

Maybe it’s me, but when I saw this I could not stop laughing.  Then I wondered if this was a fake, but apparently the guy is for real.  You can find his bio, along with a hilarious “wanna look tough” photo, here.  So this is real.  See for yourself: But then I took a look at the comments under the video and I could simply not believe my eyes.  Here

The EU bestows its highest honor on Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov

Yesterday, the EU published it’s newest list of individuals and companies included in its anti-Russian sanctions list.  The latest list include Mikhail Fradkov, the Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SVR, Alexander Bortnikov, the Director of the Russian Federal Security Service FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary of the Russian Security Council and Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of Chechnia. Previously, the EU had already “recognized” the outstanding service of Igor

Humor against disinformation

A couple of days ago I was watching Russian TV news when I came across this absolutely hilarious segment.  I asked the “Russian Team” to subtitle it for my English speaking readers and here it is, thanks to “AE”!This war is truly one of constant and systematic disinformation and one of the many lies spread by the Empire’s corporate media is that the Russian media was “toning down” it’s criticism

English-style (but very French) humor as a medicine for sad moods

The “French team” (who are doing an absolutely incredible job every day on vineyardsaker.fr) have just sent me an English-style limerick, but originally written in French by Henri Suhamy, an Anglicist specialized in Shakespeare, and then re-written, again by him, in English. Here are both versions: Original French version Le nouveau président Petro PorochenkoJoue un jeu dangereux en visant le banco. Le bruit de la guerre en Ukraine Donne à

This is too funny

First, McDonald’s left Crimea.  Now Burger King took its place.  I would personally prefer Crimea free of crap-food joints, but I have to admit that this is one occasion when capitalism makes me smile.The Saker

This and that

The bad news is that I am still sick.  The good news is that today I had a good laugh.  In Saint Petersburg, members of the political party PVO  or “Party of Great Russia” (I would describe them as “Stalinist patriots”) have offered the US Consulate a Russian “karavai” (kind of traditional bread given to newly weds and to welcome friends) with the words “thanks to the USA for Crimea”. 

Evil Putin protects Princess Diana killer!

I know, I know, “Globe” is a well-known tabloid which publishes stories like “Astronauts raped by Martian maniacs” or “Resurrected body of Ramses II seen at Brazilian McDonalds”, etc.  Still, it is indicative that Martians and walking mummies have been replaced by Vladimir Putin. Also, I truly liked this joke posted by an anonymous reader (thanks!): Putin is watching TV. Calls up his Chief of Intelligence: “Give Tyagnibok a medal

A short break for a much needed smile :-)

I just wanted to share with you some of the funny stuff I also got in my mail recently. From “ELH”: NEWSFLASH – NSA has been hacked. Here is an unconfirmed conversation that took place a few minutes ago.President Buttercup: You lezzie bitch, you told me everything was going according to plan in Ukraine.Nuland: We have some bad news and some good news.Buttercup: What’s the bad news?Nuland: That $5-billion you

Homo logic applied to the Olympics and sports in general

This morning I was watching the pairs figure skating when it suddenly hit me: the couples were always one man and one woman.  How reactionary!  After all, the homo lobby wants to be called the LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.  Okay.  But then, there is also an “asexual” or “non-sexual” community out there.  They even have a cool little website out there.  According to Wikipedia, that community

La “quenelle” now in music!! (in French with English subs)

I have recently written about the amazing (and hilarious) scandal taking place in France, and slowly in the rest of Europe, around the “quenelle” (For those of you who missed it, you can get the background info here).  I will spare you all the recent political developments, but let’s just say that the anti-quenelle hysteria and that the French Minister of Internal Affairs is considering making the gesture illegal (he

Whether real or a spoof, but this is funny

I don’t know if this particular guy is real or not, but he does remind me of some folks I have seen down here in Florida.  Now, let me stress that only a small minority of Americans are like that – but they are out there, I have seen them myself.Enjoy!The Saker