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US flag proudly flies over the SBU building in Kiev

Well, we all knew that the last floor of the SBU (the Ukrainian terror police) building in Kiev was fully occupied by US CIA agents and that no Ukrainians access to it.  But this is even better.  Apparently, the US decided to fly its flag on the building’s main entrance, just next to the Ukrainian one.  See for yourself: There is also a video showing the same scene: http://youtu.be/UffhTyUcUwcThe SBU,

Russian commander warns US could control whole Gulf of Mexico

How is that for a ridiculous headline?  You like it?Well, it is just a little variation of a BBC headline today: Nato commander warns Russia could control whole Black Sea Here is an except from this article: Russia’s top military commander, Gen Valerii Gerasimov, has warned that US “militarisation” of the annexed Florida Peninsula could be used to exert control over the whole Gulf of Mexico. Well, the real excerpt

The AngloZionist Empire has truly become an “Empire of Illusions”

This is bizarre.  The recent two summits (APEC and G20) have, I would argue, ended up as a disaster for the US and its allies (see here, here and here) while Russia, China and the rest of the BRICS are clearly in control of the situation, yet there are still those who believe the western corporate media which wants to portray Putin are Russia as “weak”.   I suppose in our

A “revisionist Russia” on “NATO’s doorstep”

RT reports:US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki and Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby have been challenged over the Department of Defense’s claims that the US must “deal” with “modern and capable” Russian armed forces on NATO’s doorstep. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu expressed “grave concern” and “surprise” at a Wednesday speech made by US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel during the Association of the United States Army’s annual

Making sense of Obama’s billion dollar hammer

You probably heard it by now: Obama has pledged a billion dollars to what my “beloved” BBC called “European security”. The official name for this initiative is the “European Reassurance Initiative”.  You see, Obama and the BBC apparently believe that Europeans are really terrified and that they believe that the Russian tanks might roll into Warsaw, Athens, Rome or Lisbon at any time.  The good news is that Uncle Sam

Remembering the important lessons of the Cold War

If anything the past 24 hours have proved, once again, that the US and NATO are opposed to any form of negotiations, confidence-building measures or any other type of negotiations with the Donbass and with Russia.  Even though Putin tried really hard to sound accommodating and available for a negotiated solution, the US/NATO policy is clearly to provoke and confront Russia and its allies in every imaginable way.  The same

John Kerry and the “last resort” rule as a cause for optimism

[First a small announcement: I will contact the “Saker correspondents” over the week-end with details about how we will get organized and the kind of stuff we will do.  Over 40 people have responded to my offer and I am happy to announce that we got all five continents covered.  Another seven candidates have not answered my request to confirm their desire to participate: “fsd”, “cc”, “sl”, “y”, “aa”, “ov”

Latest goofy “sanction” out of the White House

In a new twist of absolutely staggering stupidity, it appears that NASA has decided to suspend all cooperation with Russia in a move to express its disapproval of the reunification of Crimea with Russia.  Apparently, some delusional megalomaniac in the Administration seriously believes that Russia depends on NASA for its space program while, of course, this is very much the other way around.  Just like the US needs Russia to

The BBC and Russian aircraft – a small but telling example.

Since nothing dramatic is going on (thanks God for that!), I can mention little things which want to share with you.  This time, yet again, its the BBC which triggered my disgust.  This is the BBC article about the airplane crash which took place in Algeria today: An Algerian military transport plane has crashed in the north-east of the country, killing all but one of the 78 people on board.

The tip of the immense iceberg of US diplomatic stupidity now spotted off the Chinese Pacific coast

written specially for the Asia Times Do you remember President Clinton ordered two US aircraft carrier battle groups into the Strait of Taiwan in 1996 to “send a message” to China?  Well, it appears that Barak Obama, the lame duck spineless multi-humiliated and multi-defeated President of the US of A just had a surge of testosterone and decided to provoke China yet again by mocking its decision to extend its

Kerry’s “here is our evidence” moment: imperial hubris at its most pathological and compulsive

I took the time to listen to the full “here is our evidence” press statement by Kerry (full transcript here).  This was a very discouraging experience.  The bottom line is this: it appears quasi certain that the Americans will attack Syria essentially because “we are America” and because “its just gotta be Assad who did it”.  Imperial hubris at its most pathological and compulsive.It is also rather clear that the

Imperial hubris and plain stupidity

I have to say that I am both amazed and amused at the fantastically stupid manner in which US politicians have reacted to the Snowden affair.  Without pausing for a single second to think of the possible reaction to their attitude, they began to demand, threaten and otherwise bully not only China and Russia, but even any other country which in the future might render some assistance to Snowden.  Apparently,

“CF->CYA” – the magic formula of the Empire of Illusions

Well, it sure looks like the United States of Amnesia have rapidly recovered from the use of a so-called “weapon of mass destruction” (a pressure cooked) in Boston and has turned to more important topics like Angelina Jolie’s breasts.And yet, the official narrative is being challenged by so many facts that it is really worth at taking a short look at it.There was already the Hollywood-like one billion dollar per

The Western corporate media: the Empire’s most subservient lackey

Following President Medvedev’s speech yesterday, I decided to scan the western corporate media for reactions.  I was curious, what would the pundits make of what I personally consider a total failure of Obama’s foreign policy?  Would at least the European press express outrage over the fact that the always imbecile US foreign policy has now turned several European countries into targets? I mean, really, let’s consider the following basic and,

Terror plot gets even better

According to the NYT: The alleged plot also included plans to pay the cartel, Los Zetas, to bomb the Israeli Embassy in Washington and the Saudi and Israeli Embassies in Argentina, according to a law enforcement official. I was wondering how long it would take for the word “Israel” to appear in this tale – well, here it is. And, for good measure, let’s throw in Argentina, just in case

These guys are the best of the best of the US military?!

Amazing and hilarious news form the BBC: The US is to tighten security around the elite military unit that killed Osama Bin Laden, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said. Mr Gates revealed that the US Navy Seal team had expressed concerns over their safety and that of their families. SEAL Team 6 It appears that the “sooper-dooper best of the best” DEVGRU Navy SEAL Team 6 are afraid that

Barak Obama insults the US military (but will anybody notice?)

According to the BBC, Barak Obama met the soldiers which killed OBL and praised their mission as “one of the greatest military operations in our nation’s history”.   Now, readers of this blog will no doubt have noticed that I am not exactly a big admirer of the US military.  And yet, there is no denying the US military did fight – and win – some major and very difficult battles