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Ten years of Chinese Research and Development: 2005-2015, the decisive decade to the top

by Jean-Pierre Voiret for tjhe Saker Blog After the beginning of the millenium, China started investing huge amounts of money in scientific research and development. With millions of engineers and scientist working to develop the country and its science and technology this effort will, in the long term, bring about a tremendous quantum jump in science and technology for the whole planet. Acronyms: Atimes Asia Times online, Hong Kong BjRev

Needham’s puzzle in retrospect

by Jean-Pierre Voiret for the Saker blog First note: With all its problems, Needham’s Science and Civilisation in China (SCC) is definitely a tremendous contribution to the history of science and technology as well as a formidable vehicle for intercultural dialogue. Second note: A successor of Father Ricci S.J. in the Jesuit China Mission, Father Dominique Parennin S.J., was in my opinion the first man ever to formulate the so-called

Chinese History of Science and technology: The rediscovery of the Chinese history of science

by Jean-Pierre Voiret for the Saker Blog The history of Chinese science and technology is particularly interesting because it is so different from the history of Western science and technology. This history was essentially rediscovered by Joseph Needham, a British scholar who was active until his death in 1995 at the Caius and Gonville College of Cambridge University. Joseph Needham, a biochemistry researcher by profession, had come into contact with

A Community of Common Destiny?

by Jean-Pierre Voiret for the Saker blog A fact practically never mentioned in the Western mainstream media is the fact that the People’s Republic of China has recommended a few years ago that in the interest of peace and development, our humankind should feel as a ‘Community of common destiny’ (Ren lei ming.yun gong tong xiu: 人类命运共同休). This recommendation was not only stated as an essential foreign policy goal of