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Sitrep Kazakhstan: President Tokayev addressed the nation

Tokayev addressed the nation and called what is happening now in the country an anti-terrorist operation. Kazakhstan is undergoing an anti-terrorist operation An anti-terrorist operation is underway in our country. The police, National Guard and army are all carrying out an extensive and coordinated work to establish law and order in accordance with the Constitution. Yesterday, the situation in the cities of Almaty, Aktobe and the Almaty region stabilized. The

CSTO sends peacekeepers to Kazakhastan

A lot has happened overnight.  The most remarkable development is that the CSTO is sending troops to Kazakhastan.  That is fast, very VERY fast.  And that proves that the Russians knew and were prepared.  I agree with Bernardt at MoA who wrote that “The U.S. Directed Rebellion in Kazakhstan May Well Strengthen Russia“. I leave you with a machine translation from an article originally posted here: https://svpressa.ru/war21/article/321239/ Andrei Kazakhstan and

Color revolution in Kazakhastan (open thread)

Dear friends Today I am driving all day, but since there is a very serious color revolution that seems to be taking place in Kazakhstan,  I am therefore creating an open thread.  Please feel free to share any decent information and commentaries below.  According to Russian sources, the usual US-controlled disinformation resources (including Ukie ones!) are out in full force to support the insurrection.  The levels of violence are very

Sitrep: Kazakhstan

This is a machine translation from https://vz.ru/world/2022/1/5/1137412.html Original text by Andrey Rezchikov Note:  Kindly use this thread for dissemination of information as well, as we have done before with crises such as this. Paid conspirators found behind riots in Kazakhstan In Kazakhstan, mass protests provoked by a sharp increase in gas prices do not subside. Protesters in Alama Ata attack the police, smash and seize administrative buildings. A state of

Kazakhstan may hold the secret for Greater Eurasia

Submitted by Pepe Escobar – source Asia Times The no holds barred US-China strategic competition may be leading us to the complete fragmentation of the current “world-system” – as Wallerstein defined it. Yet compared to the South China Sea, the Korean peninsula, the Taiwan Straits, India-China’s Himalayan border, and selected latitudes of the Greater Middle East, Central Asia shines as a portrait of stability. That’s quite intriguing, when we consider

Kazakhstan SITREP June 20, 2016 by Scott Humor

Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev and Putin say “we” at SPIEF 2016 On June 16-18 the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum took place in the Northern capital of Russia St. Petersburg Om June 17, 2016 President Putin met with President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The presidents’ conversation took place at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum before the plenary session, in which they will take part. On Friday Russian President Vladimir Putin,