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…But it rhymes. Russia, Ukraine and Nazi Europe Mark II

By Ken Leslie for the Saker Blog I have been reluctant to write ever since the beginning of the Russian operation in the Ukraine despite a strong wish to write something – anything. What is there to write about when a titanic struggle for a new world is being played out day after day in all its glory and terror? How can the written word even attempt to grasp and

Not a step back!

Not a step back![1] By Ken Leslie for the Saker Blog 1. A tale of two kingdoms Given the precarious geopolitical situation, some Russia supporters might feel that the worst thing now for Russia would be to rock the boat and enrage the West by retaliating against the hybrid war waged against it. In my view, the worst is the Baghdad Bob-like complacency and refusal to understand how serious the

Phoenix and the rebirth of evil Part II:

The cold, reptilian eyes of William Colby   By Ken Leslie for the Saker Blog One of the persisting delusions of the modern liberal thought states that the humanity has succeeded in overcoming its worst primitive instincts and is happily sailing towards some kind of liberal utopia populated by reasonable, objectively-minded, educated technocrats who are capable of reducing any problem to a linear combination of variables to be modelled and

Phoenix and the rebirth of evil part I:

By Ken Leslie for the Saker Blog The Poglavnik of the East[1] “I know no way of judging the future but the past.” Patrick Henry, 1765 “This time, it’s different” Any gambler bleeding thousands of dollars at a table in Las Vegas These days we all seem preoccupied with daily events which are taking a turn for the worse. No, not everything is “bad” but only those who are sound

The last taboo: A postscript and way forward

By Ken Leslie for The Saker Blog Dear reader, this time I shall not test your patience by producing another behemoth. Rather, I would like briefly to summarise and extend the lessons of my previous article as well as discuss some of the reaction to it. First, let me thank Saker again for giving me a platform and Vladimir, Epithet, Djole, Marko, Katerina and many other comrades who were not

The last taboo

By Ken Leslie for The Saker Blog The prologue While writing this piece I promised myself that I would not offer it to our gracious host until my previous article achieved 20000 reads. Having reached that high watermark, I am grateful to the Saker for this opportunity to share my views with such a large and knowledgeable audience and hope that the gentle reader will find this next experiment to

Two clicks to midnight

Two clicks to midnight[1] by Ken Leslie for The Saker Blog While I was absent from this esteemed blog focusing on other things, an extremely dangerous situation started to develop and I found myself reaching for the keyboard again. If some of my previous writings were a bit alarmist, the tone was motivated by a genuine angst before an unfeeling and unstoppable machine of conquest and destruction the likes of

With Fire and Sword: Obama’s black crusaders and the war in the Ukraine

By Ken Leslie for the Saker Blog 1. How to be progressive in America As some readers of my previous essays recall, I devoted quite a lot of space to one (possibly principal) agent of imperialism and genocide, namely, Roman Catholicism. Although I made my views clear, I’ll repeat—I am not discussing the RC religious dogma, its theological foundations or the honesty of its followers but its (geo)political dimension which

Krampus is alive and well: How the myth of Soros paralyses the anti-imperialist struggle

By Ken Leslie for The Saker Blog 1. The making of a demon Remember the days of your childhood—especially if you are German. If you even dream of being naughty or disobeying your elders and betters, Krampus will put you in his basket and take you to some swampy Germanic hell. Nothing will be heard from you ever again. Krampus is a leftover from ancient pre-Christian times when he (and

A Meditation on President Putin’s Warning from History

By Ken Leslie for The Saker Blog 1. The last warning… In the middle of the current global turmoil, largely ignored by the Western media, President Vladimir Putin of Russia recently wrote an article for the National Interest magazine (the article is featured on this site). In it, he magisterially dissected and integrated one of the most disputed topics in contemporary history—the cause(s) and antecedent(s) of World War II. The

The other side of darkness: Towards an understanding of the roots of the Western right-wing politics

By Ken Leslie for The Saker Blog 1. A bit more on the protests Again, I’d like to thank the Saker for publishing my essay. I also want to thank the commenters—criticisms inspire me and encouragement inspires me even more! I think we both agree that the public needs to be better informed about the roots and antecedents of the current US protests which have spread to most of the

US Protests: Why the uneasy silence?

by Ken Leslie for The Saker Blog Note: I appreciate that some will find the essay controversial or even uncomfortable reading. I hope though that it can destroy the paralysing trope of Soros bad – everybody else good. I’d very much like to thank The Saker for deeming this essay good enough to publish. Like many others, I have been engrossed in the mayhem unfolding in the United States over