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The Hybrid War On The Cultural Fabric of Russian Society

by Larchmonter445 for the Saker blog Ramzan Kadyrov, President Putin and the Moral Sensibilities of Russian Society are the targets du jour of the Rabid Russophobes and the Khazarian-American-Rothschild Globalists. Sanctions and outrageous cultural warfare are the weapons flung against these targets. The RRs and KARGs have been working assiduously in all sectors of Russian society, especially Media, Athletics and Arts, to achieve the destruction of these men and others,

Chinese-Russia Media Cooperation

by Larchmonter445 China, Russia step up media cooperation with 9 deals inked I noticed this new development. It follows our Double Helix metaphor from the deepening of the China-Russia strategic integration. This time it is based in the use of media globally. As you know RT is spreading into other languages and bases of operation. However, China’s CCTV network is mature and has spanned the globe for over a decade

Vineyard of the Saker White Paper: the China-Russia Double Helix

Dear friends, Today I sharing with you a document which I personally consider as absolutely crucial: an in-depth analysis of the China-Russia Strategic Alliance (RCSA) written by somebody who looks at it from the “Chinese side”.   I want to tell you a few words about how this document came into existence.I was talking with Larchmonter 445 about the development in Russia when I realized that a lot of his arguments