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Operation Z through the eyes of Vladimir Solovyov

by Ljubisa Malenica for the Saker blog By chance, while Moscow military operation was taking place, in author’s reading schedule it was turn for a book by the Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov entitled “Three Conversations on War, Progress and the End of World History“. The English translation, published in the second decade of the previous century, is entitled “War and Christianity from a Russian perspective“. “Three Conversations” is a philosophical

Two months of Operation Z

By Ljubiša Malenica  for the Saker Blog After two months of conflict, situation inside Ukraine is somewhat clearer. However, despite the fact that we can now, with more understanding, observe what is happening on the ground, media and propaganda sources, between which the border is often blurred, complicate and make it difficult to build a completely clear picture of the unfolding events. Moreover, certain media, especially the Western ones, have

Quo Vadis Europa

By Ljubisa Malenica for the Saker Blog Thanks to the current conflict in Ukraine, all the masks of so-called “Western values” fell before the eyes of the world public in a very short time. On the theme of Russophobia itself, another full text in its own right can be written. It came to the surface of everyday life throughout the West rather fast. For now, it is enough to notice

To prevent the storm: Russian Operation in Ukraine

By Ljubiša Malenica for the Saker Blog Since the beginning of Russian military operation in Ukraine, Western countries and their elected representatives have been competing who will express greater disgust over violations of international law[1], as they call it, who will threaten Moscow more harshly and who will lament more mournfully over the fate of Kiev. At the same time, which of the Western powers can condemn Russia’s behavior from

The Saker interviews Ljubiša Malenica from Sarajevo

Note by the Saker: a few months ago I was contacted by Ljubiša who let me know that a number of very interesting documents have been made available to the public.  They are now all available on the bottom right of the homepage under the heading of “The Truth About The War On The Serbian People” and include links to all the documents we discussed with Ljubiša.  Considering the importance

US support for the project of Greater Albania

By Ljubiša Malenica for the Saker Blog The Greater Albania project has its roots in the nineteenth century and idea of ​​the Prizren League to unite in one territorial unit all areas that were allegedly originally inhabited by Albanians. The Prizren League itself can be seen as an extension of the Ottoman authorities, since it was founded in 1878, immediately after the end of the war between Russia, Serbia and

Feminism as social pathology

by Ljubiša Malenica for the Saker Blog As we move into the third decade of the twenty-first century, we can undoubtedly claim, taking into account all the important elements of social life, that women have achieved equal status with men. Moreover, in some cases, women can justifiably be considered more privileged. According to research by Sonia Starr, men usually serve 63% more severe sentences than women who have committed the

The fall of Western liberal utopia

by Ljubiša Malenica for the Saker Blog The abrupt dissolution of the USSR and the emergence of the United States as the sole superpower in the last decade of the twentieth century influenced both the political ordering of the world and the ideological foundation upon which said ordering relied. Where previously existed two conflicting worldviews, with their own specific characteristics, the end of the Soviet Union signaled the fall of