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Who is committed to fully investigate MH17 tragedy?

by Oriental Review Source: http://orientalreview.org/2015/10/22/who-is-committed-to-fully-investigate-mh17-tragedy/ The long-awaited Final Report on MH17 crash released by the Dutch Safety Board’ International Commission last week has only left a cold scent in the headlines. The reason is hardly the booming Syrian epic. The Dutch report lacked the substance so vigorously expected by all concerned parties: direct indication to the perpetrator. The legally impeccable statement about Ukraine’s failure to comply with its obligation to

MH-17 one year later

This column was written for the Unz Review: http://www.unz.com/tsaker/flight-mh-17-one-year-later/ Over a year has passed since Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 has been shot out of the skies by somebody, but we still don’t know the truth and all sorts of hypotheses are circulating on the Internet. In the West, the Emperor Barak Ist decreed on the day after the actual shoot-down that the party responsible for this atrocity was, of course,

Sergey Lavrov gives interview to NewsAsia (+ transcript!)

(Thanks to Singing Sam for pointing out this video to me and for sending me the transcript – The Saker) Transcript: Question: Mr. Lavrov, welcome to Conversation With. So, what do you have to say to Malaysia’s families who lost loved ones on MH17? Lavrov: we already expressed our deepest condolences on many occasions to those who lost their families, their relatives their sons and daughters and parents. This is

Novaya Gazeta report on MH17 shootdown: The actual proof

by Tatzhit Mihailovich By now, even Reuters broke the story about yet another MH17 shootdown theory. Why bother with the details? In a word, because the Novaya Gazeta report is the ONLY completely consistent version from an unbiased source that we got so far. Now, that shouldn’t be taken to mean that this thing is the indisputable truth. Novaya Gazeta is generally Pro-Western, yes, and publishes multiple stories about Russian

How MH17 was shot down – analysis by Colonel Cassad

Colonel Cassad has just published an interesting analysis about how MH17 was shot down (please see here for the original Russian text: Как убивали малазийский “Боинг”).  Uncle Martin has already made a full translation and posted it on the English version of Colonel Cassad’s blog (please see here for the English translation: How the Malaysian “Boeing” was shot down).  Since this is very long text, I will not re-post it

Excellent RT documentary about MH17

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Not a Buk-M1 missile – full report and analysis of fake evidence

Dear friends, I have recently informed you that the Dutch blogger Max Vanderwerff had posted a very interesting analysis debunking the Buk-M1 “missile plume” theory.  Today I am posting his full research online which I encourage you to download from the following to locations:http://www.mediafire.com/view/t5o16c6qz3nl8be/Not_A_Buk_-_final_copy.pdfhttp://www.docdroid.net/oj8s/not-a-buk-final-copy.pdf.html  Both of these services offers to read the PDF file online.I think that it is absolutely crucial that we not allow the truth about MH17 to

Not BUK-M1: new video proof

Check out this excellent report by Dutch journalist Max Vanderwerff who debunks the reports allegedly showing a  video of a Buk-M1 launch: http://7mei.nl/not-buk-m1-new-video-proof/ There is no doubt my mind that MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian SU-25, possibly one of several Su-25s patrolling the skies that day to intercept a civilian airliner the downing of which was to become the “surprise” Poroshenko promised and which Kolomoiskii probably organized.The Saker

New testimony about the shooting down of MH17

Interesting news this morning: the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaia Pravda has interviewed a man who claims to have been a witness to the take-off of three aircraft one of which allegedly shot down MH17.  Thanks to the incredible work done by Kazzura the full video with English subtitles is already available today.  Check it out: I will notice that there are several mutually contradictory versions circulating out there.  For example, one

Obama in retreat on MH17

by Alexander Mercouris Amidst all the hysteria about what western leaders said to Putin during the Brisbane G20 summit (answer: nothing new or important), the media has entirely ignored certain very interesting comments about MH17 that Obama made in his speech at the University of Queensland. His precise words (taken from the White House website) were as follows: “We’re leading the international community in the fight to destroy the terrorist

New MH17 satellite photos – a warning

by Alexander Mercouris I have deliberately helped back on the story about the satellite photos that supposedly show a Ukrainian fighter shooting down MH17 to see what the response would be, whether any more evidence would come to light and what the Russian government and military would say about them . In the event the Russian government and military have ignored them as I notice to a great extent have

MH17: more proof that the Ukies did it

The Russian newspaper MK has obtained a screenshot of the recording of a civilian Russian radar screen in Rostov – just east of the Russian-Ukrainian border.  This is what is shows: What this image shows is 20 minutes of recording of the airspace before and after the shooting down of MH17.  The course of MH17 is shown in purple while the numerous little blue “T” shaped objects in the circle

German intelligence report on MH17

by Alexander Mercouris It seems the German intelligence agency the BND has provided a Bundestag committee with a report that once again attributes the MH17 shoot down to the NAF. The report has not been published but for me the single most interesting thing in it is that it apparently finally demolishes the theory that MH17 was shot down by a BUK system secretly transferred to the NAF by the

Malaysian Flight MH17 crash analysis, by The Russian Union of Engineers

The original version of this post was published on the Oceania Saker Blog who spearheaded the effort to translate this most important document proving, if needed, that one can be down under and yet at the very top at the same time! The Saker——- Malaysian Flight MH17 crash analysis, by The Russian Union of Engineers This is an excellent detailed analysis of the MH17 tragedy by the Russian Union of Engineers

MH17 – the silence of the liars

  Comment: to those of you who wonder where I get this fantastic art from, it is my honor and pleasure to announce that the Basque artist Josetxo Ezcurra has agreed to become a collaborator to the Saker Blog.  Check out his gallery here: http://www.tlaxcala-int.org/ Yes, I am one lucky dude :-)Cheers,The Saker

The significance of the Russian decision to move the humanitarian convoy into Novorussia

It appears that the Russians got tired of waiting.  I suggest that you all carefully parse the Statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs I posted earlier today.  This is an interesting document because besides an explanation of the Russian decision to move it, it is also, potentially, a legal defense or an unprecedented Russian decision: to overtly violate the Ukrainian sovereignty.  Let me explain.First, the case of Crimea

We cannot let MH17 be forgotten – Please help us!

Dear friends,Those who organized the MH17 false flag have now clearly given the instruction to their propaganda machine (aka MSM) to forget about this tragedy and to pretend like it never happened.  Sure, there are a few courageous sources, such as the World Socialist Web Site, which do ask the right question “Why have the media and Obama administration gone silent on MH17?“, but even most of the “alternative” media