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Wars – How They Start and End?

by Marwan Salamah for the Saker blog Expressing displeasure with a counterparty is the primary method of communication between countries regarding what they view as an encroachment on their important national interests, or what they perceive as threats to their security. Subject of course, that they had previously declared and clearly communicated what they consider to be their critical national interests and their essential security framework, which were deemed fair

The Global Debt Scam – Day of Reckoning?

By Marwan Salamah for the Saker Blog As the advanced economies appear to be stumbling inadvertently into stagflation and possibly worse, diversionary media tactics are rapidly being deployed. Voices are rising warning of the global debt crisis and how it is likely to push poor countries into tragic collapse. WHAT, WHO, & HOW BIG IS THE PROBLEM? Global debt is now claimed to exceed $300 Trillion, while the poor countries’

The New Economic World Map – No Polarity: What it Means for Smaller and Weaker Countries

By Marwan Salamah for the Saker blog It has always been about the economy. What is the use of hegemony without economic gain? It is like throwing a party and no one comes. Or, going to war for purely egoistical or ideological reasons (aka shared values). What is even worse, is going to war and winning militarily, but discovering that the costs were horrendously too high, and the net results

Go East, My Son!

By Marwan Salamah for the Saker Blog American nineteenth-century folklore tells of a young man asking his elders’ advice on what calling he should take up. The answer was a firm “Go West my son and grow!”, or to that effect. The gist of the advice was that the American West was at the time viewed as virgin, not yet settled and built up by the European immigrants. In fact,