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Dmitri Medvedev’s Facebook post on Trump and US Sanctions (full text)

The US President’s signing of the package of new sanctions against Russia will have a few consequences. First, it ends hopes for improving our relations with the new US administration. Second, it is a declaration of a full-fledged economic war on Russia. Third, the Trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to Congress in the most humiliating way. This changes the power balance in US

Russia SITREP November 24th, by Scott Humor

Earlier this week the German Stern asked a tongue-in-cheek question which I want to try to answer. Was will Moskau mit so vielen Panzern? I don’t know German, but this looks to me like they want to know why Moscow needs so many tanks. Putin lässt 3000 Panzer aus dem Depot modernisieren Wladimir Putin hat bereits 2500 T-14 Armata Kampfpanzer bestellt, nun lässt er noch einmal 3000 T-80 komplett modernisieren.

The power struggle inside the Kremlin is gradually emerging into the open

“At the present time, the situation in Russia is characterized by some of the new features that distinguish it from the preceding period. One of them is the end of the “tandem era” Evgenii Primakov As I have already mentioned in a past article, there really is no “true” opposition in Russia.  Putin and Medvedev have very skillfully manipulated the various political forces to make sure that none of the

Russian Defense Minister Serdiukov sacked – my version

Something very interesting has just happened in Russia.  Putin has sacked Defense Minister Anatolii Serdiukov and replaced him with Sergei Shoigu. Sergei Shoigu The Russian media is buzzing with speculations of what really triggered this move by Putin.  There are a few undeniable and well-known facts: Serdiukov was hated by the military and by many influential Russian politicians.  His reform of the armed forces resulted in a mix bag of

Statement by Russian President Medvedev in connection with the situation concerning the NATO countries’ missile defence system in Europe

Citizens of Russia, I address you today in connection with the situation concerning the NATO countries’ missile defence system in Europe. Russia’s relations with the USA and NATO in the missile defence area have a long and complicated history. I remember that when US President Barack Obama revised his predecessor’s plans to build a missile defence system in Europe in September 2009, we welcomed this as a positive step. This

Democracy a la russe

Medvedev and Putin have recently announced that they would trade places: Putin will run for President and Medvedev will be his Prime Minister.  This was not exactly a stunning surprise, though some speculated that Medvedev and Putin were in reality more competitors than friends.  In fact, their warm smiles and mutual backslapping proves nothing.  For all we know, they could be the biggest friends on the planet or they could

President Medvedev makes a VERY defensive statement about Libya (UPDATED!)

Absolutely amazing stuff.  Russian President Medvedev has just make an extremely defensive declaration about Russia’s decision not to veto the UNSC resolution on Libya.  Here it is in Russian (sorry for those who do not speak the language – its the only version I have found so far): As soon as I get a transcript or a subtitled version I will post it here. My own personal feeling that the

Russia’s stance on Libya – a hypothesis

Ever since Russia’s mind-boggling abstention at the UNSC on a resolution which effectively allows for a US/NATO war on Libya I have been trying to make sense of what the hell had happened.  First, I was so mad at Russia that I did not bother looking a little deeper into possible Russian motives.  Then, when Russia joined China and the Arab League in criticizing the resolution they had just authorized,

Medvedev rebuts Putin over Libya

(many thanks to C for keeping an eye on this fascinating development!) RIA-Novosti reports: In a rare faceoff with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday he stood by Moscow’s decision not to veto the UN Security Council resolution on Libya. “Russia did not exercise [the veto power] for one reason: I do not consider this resolution to be wrong. Moreover, I believe that this resolution

Interesting statement from Russian President Medvedev

Russian President Medvedev has just made an unannounced visit to the National Anti-Terrorist Committee meeting in the North Ossetian city of Vladikavkaz.  He made a number of interesting, if very debatable comments. a) President Medvedev began by saying that what is now taking place in the Arab world is a “scenario which was first attempted in Russia but which was defeated”. b) He described the situation in the Arab world

Behind Purge of Moscow Mayor is Kremlin Power Battle

By F. William Engdahl for the Real News Network The dramatic confrontation between the politically powerful Mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is far more than a Russian corruption scandal. It is the latest move in a global chess game of power between the faction increasingly lined up behind former President Vladimir Putin and current president Medvedev. At stake is whether Russia becomes an integrated part

Who is purging the Russian military intelligence and why?

For several months already, rumors have abounded about the reported conflict between the head of the Russian military intelligence service (GRU), Valentin Korabelnikov, and President Medvedev. Today, the Russian media announced that Korabelnikov had been replaced by one of his deputies, Alexander Shliakhturov. Of all the intelligence and security services of the former Soviet Union and Russia, the GRU was by far the most secretive. It was also one of

Why I had to Recognise Georgia’s Breakaway Regions

By Dmitry Medvedev for the Financial Times (via Information Clearing House) On Tuesday Russia recognized the independence of the territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. It was not a step taken lightly, or without full consideration of the consequences. But all possible outcomes had to be weighed against a sober understanding of the situation – the histories of the Abkhaz and Ossetian peoples, their freely expressed desire for independence, the