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How Russia Implements the Minsk 2 Agreement, by Scott Humor

A few years ago, I was having coffee with my then-business partner. He happened to be in the middle of a process called “enrolling your child in a private school.” In my naiveté I thought that this process was a fairly straightforward one: you give them your application and a check, and they accept your kid. But apparently, there were more people with money that this particular school was willing to

Victor Medvedchuk to RT : Ukraine is a colony of the West and ruled by foreign governments

Victor Medvedchuk: Kiev has done all it could to leave Crimea to Russia Translated by Scott Humor   Viktor Medvedchuk, leader of the”Ukrainian Choice” political organization, Kiev’s special envoy for humanitarian issues. He has been instrumental in prisoner exchanges between Russia and the Kiev regime. Russian president Vladimir Putin is a godfather to Medvedchuk’s daughter Darina (born in 2004).  He is also the best candidate to become a president of the liberated Ukraine. 28

After a bad start, ceasefire appears to be holding

It appears that after a bad start, the ceasefire is now more or less generally respected. The intensity of the shooting has dramatically fallen and the front is generally quiet. We shall see how long this will last.   The Saker   [Note from webmaster: We are in the process of migrating the comments of the articles from blogspot to the new blog here. Due to technical reasons we’ll have

Ukrainian forces break ceasefire 1 hour after it has started

  Here is footage of the Ukrainian artillery strikes:   [Note from webmaster: We are in the process of migrating the comments of the articles from blogspot to the new blog here. Due to technical reasons we’ll have to copy the remaining comments manually which will take some time to complete. You don’t have to repost your comments from blogspot here. We’ll take care of it in the process of

The useless agreement which everybody wanted

I have to say that I am both amused and appalled at the completely over-the-top reaction of most commentators to what we might as well call the Mink-2 Agreement (M2A). Apparently, analysis has been abandoned altogether and has now been replaced with hyperbole and vociferous but empty statements. Reading some of the comments made here one could be forgiven for thinking that somehow the war in the Ukraine was over

The Minsk “Agreement”

by Alexander Mercouris   Already there is debate about who has “won” and who has “lost” in the Minsk talks. The short answer is that as the German foreign minister Steinmeier correctly said there is no breakthrough but the Russians and the NAF have made progress. One point needs to be explained or reiterated (since I have explained it already and many times). The agreement does not make provision for

Full text of the Minsk-2 agreement

According to the Financial Times, the following is based on a translation of the Russian document:   Complex of measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreement 1. Immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in certain areas in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine and strict implementation of it starting at 00.00, Kiev time, February 15th 2. Withdrawal of all heavy weapons by both parties at equal distances to create a