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Quick update on moderation issues

Dear friends, Here is a quick update on the topic of moderation.  Having spoken with our head of moderation cum webmaster we are thinking along the following lines: All in all, our moderation system works and it does not need radical changes.  We will therefore make no major changes. We are probably going to ban anonymous comments.  Those concerned about privacy can post under any assumed handle. We are thinking

Moderation issues – part II (UPDATED)

Dear friends, I woke up this morning to see 107 comments!!  So, first and foremost, THANK YOU ALL!! Second, I will have to sit down and read each comment carefully, making notes.  But I want you to know that I did already read a lot of them and that this is already very helpful, at least for me.  So, again, thank you! Third, and I should have mentioned that yesterday,

About the importance of moderation (a “thank you!!” to the mods)

There was an interesting comment posted recently on the Unz Review under one of my recent articles.  It said the following: Kiza’s comment mirrors something I did indeed observe: every time I post something at the Unz Review the exact same group of commentators immediately rush to post an X number of negative comments and the real conversation begins only further below. Unlike Kiza, I am not sure that this