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The Middle Eastern Wars Iran Hezbollah Saudis Yemen Hadi GCC Arab Coalition SITREP January 18th, 2016 by Rambo

Iran/Hezbollah: • I add a significant amount of information on the Iranian military and doctrine in this section. I feel like many people think Iran is an underdog because of the Syrian conflict but it has locked down its own backyard quite impressively. • Iranian losses have been nearly 100 IRGC fighters (maybe more now) and at least 4 senior commanders [Source] • Hezbollah protects Christian communities inside Syria during

The NATO destruction of the RuAF SU-24 Fencer and Turkish murder of the Russian servicemen

Russia’s Interdiction of ISIS-Turkey Oil Trade and Attacks on Turkmen jihadi militants Poses Risk of Enlargement of Syrian Conflict UPDATED By: JiminNH The increasing velocity of events in Syria indicates that the conflict may be ready to spill over into a larger conflagration and direct conflict between the forces of the AZ hegemon and the Resistance thereto. A couple of apparently un-related events have rapidly coalesced into armed conflict between

Why NATO Is Terrified of Russia

Someone get NATO a tissue! by Pepe Escobar source: http://rt.com/op-edge/254213-nato-eu-russia-economy-swift/ http://russia-insider.com/en/why-nato-terrified-russia/6359 The twin-pronged attack – oil price war/raid on the ruble – aimed at destroying the Russian economy and place it into a form of Western natural resource vassalage has failed. Natural resources were also essentially the reason for reducing Iran to a Western vassalage. That never had anything to do with Tehran developing a nuclear weapon, which was banned by both

How many armies does Europe need?

Source: http://portal-kultura.ru/articles/obozrevatel/91400-skolko-armiy-nado-evrope/ by Rostislav Ishchenko, president of the Center of System Analysis and Forecasting Translated by Aleksey Against the backdrop of a decision by the IMF to loan Ukraine 17.5 billion over a span of four years’ time (it is still a trick to receive these funds – the previous bailout, agreed in 2014, has not been fully received) the talk of a creation of a European armed forces has

NATO to “intensify partnership and strengthen cooperation with Ukraine”

What a joke!According to RT, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has just announced that: “Alliance officials would put “the entire range of NATO-Russia cooperation under review.”  He stated that NATO has decided to “take a number of immediate steps” because “Russia continues to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and its own international commitments.”  “We have also decided that no staff-level civilian or military meetings with Russia will take

Anti-Shia plans finalized by NWO elites?

The leaders of the New World Order are clearly engaged in major and intense consultations of how to deal with the “Shia problem”.  Check out this agenda: May 18th – May 19th: G8 Summit in Camp David, MD. May 20th – May 21st: NATO summit in Chicago, Il. May 31st – June 1st: Bilderberg Conference in Chantilly, VA. On the agenda?  Syria and Iran, of course, at least according to

Russian envoy to NATO threatens to “reconsider” Russia’s support for NATO in Afghanistan

Dimitri Rogozin,  the official Russian top envoy to NATO (and who is also one of the most interesting Russian public figures), has just declared that Russia is considering revising its support for NATO operations in Afghanistan.  This is a direct consequence of the US decision to deploy an anti-missile system along the Russian border in Europe. And since Pakistan has decided to close down (probably for a limited time) the

The Western corporate media: the Empire’s most subservient lackey

Following President Medvedev’s speech yesterday, I decided to scan the western corporate media for reactions.  I was curious, what would the pundits make of what I personally consider a total failure of Obama’s foreign policy?  Would at least the European press express outrage over the fact that the always imbecile US foreign policy has now turned several European countries into targets? I mean, really, let’s consider the following basic and,

Statement by Russian President Medvedev in connection with the situation concerning the NATO countries’ missile defence system in Europe

Citizens of Russia, I address you today in connection with the situation concerning the NATO countries’ missile defence system in Europe. Russia’s relations with the USA and NATO in the missile defence area have a long and complicated history. I remember that when US President Barack Obama revised his predecessor’s plans to build a missile defence system in Europe in September 2009, we welcomed this as a positive step. This

Russia opposes any military intervention in Libya, Sarko is a idiot, NATO mulls options

Russian TV has shown a statement of Foreign Minister Lavrov who declared that Russia opposes any type of military intervention in the Libyan conflict. The Eltsin years are over and I don’t think that Russia will back down from this.  So no UNSC resolution authorizing any US/NATO military intervention will be passed.  Besides, I suppose that China would also oppose it. As for the US Empire, I am not sure

Analysis: Russia Moves To Counter NATO

By M K Bhadrakumar for the Asia Times Many people wouldn’t know that former United States president Ronald Reagan’s signature phrase “trust, but verify” is actually the translation of a Russian proverb – doveryai, no proveryai. Two decades into the post-Cold War era, Moscow wants to reclaim the self-contradictory phrase from the American repertoire and apply it to Russia’s “reset” of ties with the United States. The shellacking that US

U.S. Recruits Russia As Junior Partner To Maintain Global Dominance

by Rick Rozoff for STOPNATO This past weekend the world witnessed an event that until recently would have seemed inconceivable: A Russian head of state attended a summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. President Dmitry Medvedev participated in the NATO-Russia Council meeting during the second day of the summit in Lisbon, Portugal on November 20 with the heads of state of NATO’s 28 member states. The national leaders signed

Russia and NATO: ‘Not a piece of furniture’

Medvedev’s presence in Lisbon was more a show of Russia’s importance than of subservience to the Euro-Atlantic alliance, says Eric Walberg The results of the NATO summit were as predictable as a Soviet Communist Party congress, with the word “peace” replaced by “war”. NATO’s embrace of the US agenda of missile defence, nuclear arms, and its new role as global policeman surprised no one. No word about the United Nations

Eastern Europe: From Socialist Bloc And Non-Alignment To U.S. Military Colonies

by Rick Rozoff for Stop NATO Eleven years ago today the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was in the seventh week of a bombing war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, one which saw over 1,000 Western military planes fly over 38,000 combat missions, bombs dropped from the sky and Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from the Mediterranean Sea. Having quickly exhausted military targets, NATO warplanes resorted to bombing so-called targets of

NATO’s Kosovo War, 11 Years Later

By Ambassador James Bissett for Balkan Studies Eleven years ago NATO opened its bombing campaign against Serbia, illegally and without provocation. It started on March 24, 1999, and continued for 78 days and nights. It was the most intensive air offensive suffered by any country since the end of the Second World War. Over a thousand people were killed and the civilian infrastructure of Serbia was destroyed, but it proved

Full Circle: NATO Completes Takeover Of Former Yugoslavia

by Rick Rozoff for Stop NATO In 1991 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was a nominally defensive military bloc with sixteen members that, as the cliche ran, had never fired a shot. In 1991 the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was the only simultaneously multiethnic and multiconfessional nation (entirely) in Europe, consisting of six federated republics with diverse constituencies. By 2009 NATO had grown to 28 full members and at

Great Game playoff: Russia/Turkey vs Palestine/Israel

In Russia, Turkey and the Great Game: Changing teams the new line-up of the players in the Great Game was set out. Here, Eric Walberg considers the implications for the Middle East. A vital playing field in today’s Great Game is Palestine/Israel, where again there is a tentative meeting of political minds between Russia and Turkey. In defiance of the US and much of Europe, both endorsed the Goldstone report

Pentagon Confronts Russia In The Baltic Sea

by Rick Rozoff for Stop NATO Twelve months ago a new U.S. administration entered the White House as the world entered a new year. Two and a half weeks later the nation’s new vice president, Joseph Biden, spoke at the annual Munich Security Conference and said “it’s time to press the reset button and to revisit the many areas where we can and should be working together with Russia.” Incongruously