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Watershed press conference by top Novorussian officials – transcripts (UPDATED!)

Dear friends,Since many of you have asked for it – here is the transcript in 3 languages:Frenchhttp://www.vineyardsaker.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/20140824-press-conference-formation-of-as-state.fr.txtGermanhttp://www.vineyardsaker.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/20140824-press-conference-formation-of-as-state.de.txtEnglishhttp://www.vineyardsaker.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/20140824-press-conference-formation-of-as-state.en.txt  It would be very helpful if some of you could make transcripts in other languages.  If you do – please email me the link to the transcript, or send me the text, and I will post them here. Many thanks and kind regards, The Saker  UPDATE1: here is the download link for the

The bizarre non-story of the captured Russian soldiers

Did the Ukrainians really catch 10 Russian paratroopers?Maybe.For one thing, this time around the Ukies have provided names, a unit number (331st Regiment, 98th Guard Airborne Division) and even a video of their interrogation.  So this might be real.If it is, I hope that it will at least shut up the choir of naysayers who constantly accuse Russia of doing nothing, of betraying Novorussia, of selling out the Donbass and

Watershed press conference by top Novorussian officials (MUST SEE!)

Dear friends,There is no overstating the importance of this press conference by by Alexander V. Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic.  As as soon as I saw it myself, I asked two of our Teams (Russian and Oceania) to work together on a translation as fast as possible.  They did as stellar job and I can now share this video with you.   I want

What is, and what is not, happening in Novorussia

As soon as I finished my post about why the Novorussians cannot go on the counter-offensive they did.  Right?No, no really.  Sorry.  I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, but we have to carefully assess what is going on.  I have listened very carefully to the reports from Novorussia and here is what I think has happened:From guerrilla to combined-arms:The Novorussian military command has announced that from purely guerilla-type

Reply to a friend: where are the Ukrainian uprising and Novorussian counter-offensive?

I friend just sent me this in an email and I thought that the best thing to do what to reply with a post. Here is what he wrote: I’ve been wondering something for some time now regarding the “war” in Ukraine and Novorossiya. Occasionally I hear mutterings from the NAF about “going on the offensive” sometime soon (supposedly when a certain turning point has been reached or some unnamed

Ukraine SITREP July 17th, 15:55 UTC/Zulu: the complete failure of Poroshenko’s “surprise” (UPDATED)

I will begin this SITREP by re-posting the video of the interview made by Ukrainian TV by phone with a solider of the Ukie forces in the so-called “southern cauldron”.  Please make sure to press on the ‘cc’ button to get the English subtitles:Speaking of videos, the I wanted to point out that the video I posted yesterday of what appeared to be Grad systems firing a Ukie forces from

Russian forces fire across the border at Ukie forces retreating from the “southern cauldron”

This video reportedly shows Russian MLRS inside Russia firing salvos at the Ukie forces retreating from the “southern cauldron”.  This video was made near the town of Gukovo, inside Russia, and the target(s) are inside the Ukraine: The Ukies will complain, of course, and the Russian will deny it, of course.  None of which will prevent the Ukies forced for further being wiped off.By now there is overwhelming evidence that

Breaking news: Marinovka taken & Southern Cauldron sealed!

15:50 – July 16, 2014 – Briefing From the Militiatranslated by Gleb BazovMarinovka has been taken by the Militia. The punitive forces have been totally encircled. The southern cauldron has been firmly sealed. The Ukrainian forces have only one chance to survive – to surrender to the Militia or to be interned on the territory of Russia.On other areas of the southern front, the Militia also continues an active offensive.

TELEPHONE CALL from ATO Zone – Retreating for 4 Days

Ukrainian Soldier’s Cry for Help: We’ve Been Retreating for Four Days Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov Video: A Call from the ATO Zone – We’ve Been Retreating for Four Days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZxCQkhWOhE&feature=youtu.be Ukrainian Soldier: I am currently the area of Sverdlovsk, Krasno-Partisansk and Izvarino. There are only 400 of us left out of almost 800. Reporter: Describe the situation. What is happening now? Please tell us. Ukrainian Soldier: What is

Crucial combat operation are possibly taking place in several locations (UPDATED)

It is too early to post a formal SITREP simply because the situation is way too confused, but I want to give you all a small heads-up on what is happening right now.  Take a look at that map: Combat situation as of July 13th The city on the top right is Luganks, center Left Donetsk and to the south you have the border with (Russia indicated by РОССИЯ).  In

July 11th Ukraine SITREP: important developments for the Resistance

Besides the apparently devastating attack on a Ukie armored column, there are several important development which have recently taken place which I feel must be reported here: Alexander Khodakovskii 1) With Strelkov’s return to Donetsk, order and unity of command in the Resistance forces have apparently been restored and the disagreements between Strelkov and Alexander Khodakovskii (ex-commander of the Donetsk “Alpha” unit) settled.2) In a joint press conference, Igor Strelkov

Russian and Ukrainian sources are reporting a major battle near Lugansk

Russian and Ukrainian sources are reporting that a major battle took place near Lugansk.  According to these sources, the entire Ukrainian 79th “brigade” was completely wiped off.  The same Ukie sources report 50 killed and 100 wounded.  Russian TV spoke of 30 to 150 killed.  Apparently, the Ukrainians were attacked at about 4:40AM by MLRS (multiple rocker launchers) fire and when they tried to evacuate they were attacked again by

It is way too early to give up on Putin or to dismiss the Novorussian resistance

Apparently, my post today expressing my disgust with the way outside forces were arrogantly deciding the future of 7 million citizens of the Donbass was interpreted as an admission on my part that I have given up on Putin (even though I had clearly written “Let’s even add to this, for conversation’s sake, that Putin has decided to yield to the terms of these AngloZionist and that the Kremlin has

Background information on the situation in the Ukraine

Dear friends, I am publishing the following map and videos “for your information”, as background information about the current situation. This map is current as of yesterday.  It is in Russian, but it is also rather self-explanatory. Please click here for a very high resolution version of this map I have to tell you honestly that I do not have the time or stomach the following videos which were sent

A musical requiem (of sorts) for those who died in Slaviansk

Warning: the language of war is not a delicate one, nor is the language used in this song.  To those who might be shocked by the kind of “non-normative lexicon” used here by Grebenshchikov, and who clearly have never been anywhere near a Russian military unit, I will say that this is nothing compared to what you could have heard form the defenders of Slaviansk.  As for the message of

Slavyansk is out of sight now …

by Dmitry Steshin (Komsomolskaya Pravda)Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov I understand and share in the bitterness and resentment of those who found out this morning that the Militia has left Slavyansk. The news washed over everyone – the hoorah-patriots, the all-is-lost-patriots and even the cold analytical types. And now, please listen to a person who spent the last month and a half in Slavyansk. From the time of the

The Fall of Slaviansk, its meaning and implications

Military analysis: So today Slaviansk has finally fallen to the Nazis.  Those of us with a military background all understood that this was pretty much inevitable and, obviously, so did the leaders of the Novorussian resistance.  The fact that it took so long for the entire Ukie army to take that small town really says a lot about the amazing courage of its defenders and/or about the no less amazing

Novorussia – Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and settle for anything in the middle

I love the American expression “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and settle for anything in the middle” and since no halfway clear picture is coming out of the combat operations taking place in Novorussia, I think that this is the approach we should use.Hope for the best is easy: the Novorussian resistance beats back the Nazi forces.But what is the worst which can happen?The worst which can