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World War III: Why Russia will bury the West

by Rakesh Krishnan Simha source: The Russia India report In June 2014, the Pentagon conducted a “table top” exercise – a sort of war game between Russia and NATO. The scenario was Russian pressure on NATO member Estonia and Latvia. Would NATO be able to defend those countries? “The results were dispiriting,” Julia Ioffe writes in Foreign Policy. Even if all US and NATO troops stationed in Europe were dispatched to the

Iran’s disarmament conference: The power of logic

Iran’s disarmament summit upstaged Obama’s and breathes life into next month’s NPT conference in New York, notes Eric Walberg The logic of power is still overriding the power of logic, quipped the head of Iran’s Atomic Organisation Ali Salehi at the “Nuclear Energy for all, Nuclear Weapons for None” disarmament conference in Tehran last weekend, referring to US foreign policy, in particular, nuclear. Taking this elegant formulation a step further,

Ayatollah Khamenei’s message to International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful I would like to welcome the honorable guests who have gathered here. It is a pleasure that the Islamic Republic of Iran is hosting the International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament today. Hopefully, you will make use of this opportunity and present human societies with the timeless and valuable results that you will obtain through discussion and consultation. The study of atoms

Saker’s mailbox: Hillary will nuke for Israel

I often get very interesting emails from my readers and friends. This morning, I got this from ‘G’ (emphasis in red added): http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24246275/ I just cannot believe how outrageous statements like these go unquestioned. Instead of being questioned regarding her sanity–she is after all committing America’s nuclear forces to the defense of a country with which we have no treaty obligations to and is of absolutely no strategic importance in

The Israeli mindset: Apartheid and nuclear war

by Amira HassDemocracy is more than going to the polls “The protest wave has calmed down,” some Israeli journalists said Friday of the Burmese military junta’s success in driving thousands of demonstrators off the streets, using excessive violence. Despite the natural sympathy for the uprisers, several editors chose the word “calm,” which embodies the rulers’ point of view: The norm is “calm,” even if it means constant government violence. The