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The Not-Ultimatum

by Observer R for the Saker Blog Background The documents issued by Russia in December 2021 (the so-called “Not-Ultimatum), concerning modifications to the security architecture in Europe, have created a considerable sensation in the diplomatic and military worlds. Russia politely requested that NATO confine its activities to its location as of 1997, and keep out of the former Warsaw Pact territory. This was to abide by the promises that the

A Poisoned Chalice? – Part 3

by Observer R for the Saker Blog My previous articles (A Poisoned Chalice? – Part 2) and (A Poisoned Chalice) offered an opinion that the winner of the US presidential election in 2020 would inherit such a mess that in some sense it would be better to lose the election. So far, events have tended to validate that opinion. The projections are that the Republicans will gain control of the

A Poisoned Chalice? – Part 2

By Observer R for the Saker Blog In my previous article, A Poisoned Chalice? (The Saker Blog, December 15, 2020), I noted that there were so many crises and troubles ahead for the United States (US) that it was questionable as to whether it was a good idea to be the winner of the 2020 election. Whichever candidate took office in January 2021 would inherit a vast slate of problems.

A Poisoned Chalice?

by Observer R for the Saker Blog The Biden v Trump 2020 election controversy has generated a lot of accusations and squabbles over evidence or lack thereof. Less common is an explanation of the strategy of the legal teams on both sides. To what extent is the Trump legal team trying to goad the voting system companies into suing the Trump campaign for defamation? How does the Trump team plan

Semi-Grand Strategies

by Observer R for the Saker Blog Foreign Affairs published an article by Daniel Drezner, Ronald Krebs, and Randall Schweller (“The End of Grand Strategy,” (May/June 2020) that brought forth a rejoinder in opposition by Francis J. Gavin and James B. Steinberg (“Foreign Policy Needs a Road Map,” (July/August 2020) and a reply by Drezner, Krebs, and Schweller in the same issue. After reading both sides of the controversy, one