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President Nicolas Maduro: An Open Letter to the People of the United States

source: https://newsvoice.se/2019/02/president-nicolas-maduro-open-letter-usa/ original introduction: The following open letter was published online by President Nicolas Maduro on his personal Twitter account. NewsVoice publish the unedited letter in its entirety. The translation was provided by Nino Pagliccia a freelance writer and activist with focus on the Americas. / Torbjorn Sassersson, editor, NewsVoice.se Nicolas Maduro writes: “If I know anything, it is about peoples, such as you, I am a man of the people.

Open Letter to Barack Obama in support of Ana Belen Montes

To the President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, From the International Movement of Solidarity with Mrs. Ana Belen Montes. Through this letter, hundreds of citizens of the world, not representing any Government, are asking you to first, assure more humane conditions to Mrs. Ana Belen Montes, inmate 25037-016 in the Federal Medical Center Prison in Carswell, since: 1) This woman, already close to 60 years of age, has

Open letter to Alexei Mozgovoi from an American activist

Dear Alexey, I deeply resonate with what you’re saying. If yours is indeed the position of Novorussia’s fighters and activists, largely shared by the people, if indeed you stand united behind it, then I will be cheering you on and speaking out in your defense. If you stumble and make mistakes, even terrible ones, I will be sharing your pain and rooting for you to survive, pick yourselves up and

Two open letters to President Putin (including possibly a fake one!)

Does it matter when private individuals sent a latter to a head of state?  Don’t their press services receive hundreds of letters every day?  Yes, they do, but when somebody writes to a foreign head of state, one which is own rulers consider an enemy, this matters.  It matters even more when the people writing express categorical disagreement with their own regime and support or understanding for the foreign ruler. 

Open letter of The Collective of Vineyardsaker.fr and Vineyardsaker.ru Publishers to the Russian and Russian Speaking People

Russian and russian speaking friends, welcome to you all! We, people who are living in the west, we salute you. And we are delighted, really delighted, to at last be able to say to you, “NO, NOT EVERYONE FROM US IS AGAINST YOU.” And it is very important to us that you get to know it, that you are convinced of it, that you understand that here, for example in

A chance for you to say “no, not in my name!”

After reading the open letter to President Putin signed by over 300 Germans, one of the readers of this blog decided to emulate their example and write his own open letter to President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov.  Unlike the German letter, this letter is much more simple and very much to the point.  This is its full text: Many citizens of western countries greatly respect your measured responses to