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Open Thread

As requested – here is an open thread.I will be back, God willing, tomorrow.Cheers,The Saker

A few more hyper-short items + open thread (IMPORTANT UPDATE!!)

Dear friends,I am exhausted.  Badly.  Had to spend many hours on the road this week-end so here is my schedule:Today I will, insha’allah, answer the most (all?) the emails I have to answer.  Then I will write a bunch of emails to try to get a few apparently stuck “balls” rolling again. Tomorrow I should be back with an analysis of what happened in Novorussia.Thanks a lot for all the

The recent elections and gas deal – survey: who won who lost? & upcoming podcast

Dear friends,Since I am going to be very busy until Monday morning, I want to leave you with a “semi-open thread”.  If you see something interesting, by all means please post it here.  If not, I would like to survey your opinions on two questions: In the latest gas deal between the EU, the Ukraine and Russia – who won and who lost? (The junta in Kiev? Russia? The EU?

Various small notes + Open Thread

Dear friends,As you can see, the new blog is still down.  I was told by my IT specialist that it will be back up tonight. As soon as I know something I will let you know too. Guys, Hebrew is not the second language in the Ukraine.  Rate your sources, okay?  (FYI – What is true is that the junta wants to make English the second language).Gubarev was shot at.

Confirmed: Ilovaisk has been liberated + open thread

Dear friends,I have a bad case of repetitive stress injury (RSI) due to too much keyboard and mouse use (even though I use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse).  I need to type less today, but I want to confirm that Ilovaisk, the city featured yesterday in this video, has been freed.Now I must take the rest of the day off.Open thread!Cheers,The Saker

Confession and open thread

Dear friends, I am exhausted. Totally. Wiped out. And this has shown in the past couple of days when I failed to police comments which never should have made it to begin with. I hope to be able to address what I see as The Key Issue (all in caps!) by Thursday morning/early afternoon: will the US/NATO attempt to attack Russian and/or Novorussia and, if yes, how? But tomorrow I

Short news items & open thread

A couple of quick things:1) The so-called “interview” with Alexander Khodakovskii (not Mikhail Khodorkovskii) is a fake made by Reuters in which different parts of the real interview were re-mixed together in order to make it sound as if Khodakovskii was saying that the Resistance had a BukM1.  Video and audio proof of that fact that this was a fake was shown on Russian TV today.2) The “new, democratic and

Preliminary but very good news and open thread

Dear friends,I am sorry to report that I will again have to be away from my keyboard for most of the day.  Therefore, I will again leave an open thread for you to use to keep the discussion going.  Please do not use that time to attack anybody personally.Right now I will just say this:There are reports from different sources which all point to the same fact: it appears the

Small update and open thread

Dear friends,I will be gone most of the day and unable to do much besides moderating comments from my car.  If I get SITREPs today I will post them this evening.  I just wanted to let you know that I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the hell was really going on at the Lugansk airport and my best guess is that the Ukies are still

Open Thread June 27th

I will be gone for the full day, so I leave you with an open thread (and *please* spare me the Nazi apologetics at least for today!) and this “wonderful” photo.  Kind regards, The Saker——- EU signs association with a Nazi regime.  Bravo!

OPEN THREAD (June 11-14)

Well, here is the promised open thread.  In homage to the heroes in Novorossia who are fighting the Nazi death squads every day, here is a music video about prevailing against terrible odds and a famous monologue from the movie “Brat 2”: Вот скажи мне американец, в чём сила! Разве в деньгах? Вот и брат говорит, что в деньгах. У тебя много денег, и чего? Я вот думаю, что сила