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My reply to the deluge of letters from the “other West”

Oh boy, when I posted my recent exchange with “Carpenter” along with my thoughts about the “other West” and the danger of war I had no idea that I would trigger such a deluge of comments and private email. In less than 24 hours I got well over 100 emails, often long and heartfelt ones too. First, and this really saddens me a lot, believe me, but I have to

There is hope and there is “another West”

I have said that many times on this blog and I will say that today: there is “another West” which we, all those who oppose the Empire, should never forget. This is a West which you will never *ever* see in the corporate media and it is formed a innumerable individuals who don’t go into politics, don’t organize demonstrations and who simply live a life of spiritual freedom, away from

Open letter of the members of the French Resistance to President Hollande

The voice of France, the UN and Russia, an open letter to Monsieur le Président de la République Monsieur le Président de la République Fascisme is reemerging everywhere in Europe, singularly in countries which have been freed from the USSR where powerful and dark forces are using NéoNazism as an ideological vector for their national emancipation and their territorial sovereignty .In these circles and beyond them, the Ukrainian crisis, which

Prominent German Signatories – Open Letter: Another war in Europe? Not in our name!

First posted on, and translated by, the website War Is A Crime.org Letter published first in the german newspaper DIE ZEIT on December 5th, 2014 https://cooptv.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/very-prominent-german-signatories-another-war-in-europe-not-in-our-name/ Nobody wants war. But North America, the European Union and Russia are inevitably drifting towards war if they do not finally halt the disastrous spiral of threat and counter-threat. All Europeans, Russia included, jointly hold responsibility for peace and security. Only those who do

The Englishman who took a bullet for Russia

I have been aware of the numerous reports by Graham Phillips from Novorussia and I knew that he had been kidnapped by Ukrainian goons not once, but twice.  What always touched me in his reports was the visible fondness of the Novorussians for Graham, and in this video below you will see them calling him “Gremchik”.Not even Graham (terrible!) British accent could be an obstacle for the respect and affection

Letter from a friend in Austria or what the media does not want you to see

Dear friends, I just got this email from Austria. With my friend’s permission, I removed some personal details and share it with you now. The Saker ——-Dear Saker, I just came home from witnessing president Putin putting down flowers in honor of the Russian soldiers liberating Austria from fascism at Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna. Now I arrived at Schwarzenbergplatz, the site of our monument in honor of the red army liberating Austria,

The “other West” – one more example

Alexander Solzhenitsyn liked to say that “one teaspoon of sea water gives you the taste of the ocean”.  Today I would like to post here the text of a letter to the Russian embassy in Germany by a private person which is exactly that: the letter of (only) one person.  However, the feelings which it conveys are, I believe, shared by a lot of people in the “West”.  It would