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“Ecumenism” New ideological weapon of the imperialism? (On some defects from 1968)

Author: Oxandabaratz Translation: Ana for The Saker Latin-American Community “Ecumenism” is a term that means “universalism” as an agreement on universally accepted values. That is, in religious terms it means interreligious dialogue on common minimum beliefs that unite all religions; in philosophical terms as a value system based upon common minimum values ​​of humanism, and so on. Thus, as a “universal agreement” of humanity, it is considered as a step

About The Ukrainophilia Of Russian Nazis Or The Defeat Of The Liberal Point Of View Of The Conflict

by Oxandabaratz Two weeks ago, Saturday 25th of July, in Kiev, Ukrainian capital, there has been a demonstration at the Russian embassy. This demonstration has not been like others, when masses of banderites were threatening to assault the embassy, but a quite pathetic one: with 50 attendants, more or less. But what was special of this demonstration was the leitmotiv for it: it was a demonstration to ask for the