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Personal note – we are both doing well

Dear friends, My wife is back at home, she is doing well, glory to God for His infinite mercy! To be honest, last Tuesday was the worst day of my life as the list of really bad diagnoses for her symptoms is rather long one, and the one of (comparatively) “good” diagnoses is rather short.  By God’s mercy and your prayers, my wife’s ailment turned out to be rather easy

Personal note – short time off

Dear friends, I apologize for the lack of activity on this blog over the past couple of days. My wife was taken to the local hospital due to a bleeding ulcer which triggered a severe anemia. She is now doing well, but we had a pretty tough couple of days with hardly any sleep and we now badly need some rest. I hope to be back to a normal schedule

Personal note – I will be gone until Monday

Dear friends, I am spending this week-end at a major chess tournament in which all three of my children are playing.  I will therefore be unable to reply to questions and comments until Monday afternoon. I apologize for the delay and I ask for your understanding. The Saker

Wikileaks, Litvinenko and a personal note

Dear friends, Justin Raimondo has penned a very good commentary on what Wikileaks reveals about the canard about the Russian secret service killing Litvinenko with some Polonium 210.  But I cannot publish it here lest the pretend-libertarians at Antiwar.com try to sue me for doing so.  Still, Raimondo makes so many good points that I will break my self-imposed rule and actually just point to the URL of the original

Guys – you are fantastic!

Dear friends, First, I want to thank those of you who gave me good pointers as to where to find some cheap hardware. I am sure I will end up finding something. Second, several of you have actually offered to send me money, for which I am also deeply grateful. Frankly, I never expected that somebody would be willing to help me financially, and I am deeply touched by your

Hardware trouble – can you guys help me out here?

Dear friends, Today my old desktop finally went belly up and died a painful death. I have to tell you that I have not used a new computer in decades – all my computers have always been “rescues” from friends who got rid of their old hardware, or even “rescues” from the trash. The one which died to day was such a “rescue” given to me “for spare parts” by

Request for comments – what shall I do about spam?

Dear friends, There seems to be an orgy of spamming going on. Mostly, spammers seem to be polluting older posts, such as my interview with Jonathan Cook, but sometimes this crap shows up in more recent comment sections. The “trick” to ask for a word ID before allowing a comment does not seem to work any more. And blogger does not allow me to ban a specific user from commenting.

The latest bombing and a personal note

Dear friends, The putatively ‘Chechen’ terrorists have detonated two more bombs in Russia, this time in Dagestan. In think that the trend here is clear – ‘Chechen’ terrorism is on the rise again, striking at strategic Russian targets (such as the Moscow-Petersburg train or the Moscow subway). The curious thing is that this is all happening while in Chechnia proper there is comparatively very little insurgent activity. I would like

A big “THANK YOU” to all of you!

Dear friends, I have to frankly admit that when I posted my “Where do YOU want to go” piece I was a little unsure as to the kind of feedback I would get. Reading through all your comments now, I am deeply touched by your words of support. Blogging is in many ways a somewhat frustrating activity as I have no good way to see whether anybody cares, whether anybody

Where do YOU want to go from here?

Dear friends, I think that it is time for me to share with you some of my thoughts and ask for your opinion. This blog has been up since May 1st, 2007, a little over 2,5 years now. Frankly, when I started this blog I did it mainly for myself. I saw it as a place to do something which I could never have done before: to speak my mind


Dear friends, Tomorrow I will be leaving for a two-weeks long trip. I will have my laptop with me and I will try to keep working on this blog, but I will probably have little time for that. I apologize in advance if I do not promptly respond to your comments and emails or if I fail to cover an important topic. I have a suggestion though: you all can

Important announcement: I am opening a Internet Relay Chat channel for my friends and readers

Dear friends, While I am very happy with the gradual strengthening of my community of friends, I have gradually begun to feel that something else was needed. Formal article publications and discussions are not enough, I think. Simply put, I wanted to “meet” you in an informal way and, no less importantly, I wanted you, my friends and readers, to have the opportunity to “meet” each other informally and chat

Personal Note: Fay might play a bad trick on me (UPDATED)

Dear friends, Looks like Tropical Storm Fay is doing something which tropical systems are not supposed to do: its strengthening *overland* . Instead of behaving like any other tropical cyclone, Fay actually is strengthening and has succeeded in forming a well defined eye. The 5PM National Hurricane Center forecast is now predicting that Fay will become a hurricane and loop around Daytona Beach before making a second landfall in northeast