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CrossTalk: Sanctioning Russia S.722

    The Republican-controlled Congress can’t unite around Trump’s legislative agenda, but with Democrats they are in unison when it comes to punishing Russia for alleged meddling in the 2016 election. Russia will brush off new sanctions as it did three years ago, but the Europeans won’t. CrossTalking with Mitch Feierstein, David Swanson, and Alexander Mercouris. RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios.

5 Reasons Washington Has Already Decided to Go to War with Russia

by Peter Lavelle for The Duran The writing would seem to be on the wall – Washington and its stenographers union (better known as the west’s mainstream media) are all fired-up and strategically positioned. The War Party has ascendancy and the window of opportunity is wide open, though slowly closing. The long desired wish to tame Russia is now in its final stage. “American Exceptionalism” must subdue any real or

Putin’s Team is United: Talk of a Purge is Wrong

by Alexander Mercouris for the Duran As the Russian government weathers a period of unpopularity caused by the recession, there is talk that Putin is about to purge his cabinet, but this is almost certainly wrong. An article has recently appeared in The Huffington Post which discusses rumours of an imminent purge of liberals from Russia’s government. According to this view Russia’s President Putin is coming under increasing pressure from

The Second World War, History And Remembrance

by Peter Lavelle for The Duran The political abuse of history to deny the Soviet Union’s decisive contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany is dividing peoples and is serving to rehabilitate European fascism. As the 71st anniversary of fascism’s demise in Europe approaches, history is being re-cast, particularly events before, during, and after World War II. This history is being reinterpreted and even rewritten in a number of post-Soviet

Peter Lavelle and Alexander Mercouris create a new media resource

Dear friends, As some of you might have already heard from the social media, Peter Lavelle and Alexander Mercouris have decided to create a new media ressource: The Duran which can be found at http://theduran.com/ Since I consider both Peter and Alexander as friends and crucial brothers in arms, I am delighted to see them team up and create a new member of our “network of resistance”.  As soon as

Two very good discussions on “Cross Talk”

I really like Peter Lavelle and his show “Cross Talk”.  Check out these two.  He invites some very toxic Zionist fanboys, and he opposes them to very articulate and intelligent anti-Imperialists (like Mark LeVine!): The Zioimperialists just sound so evil and so stupid :-) Also – check out Mark LeVine’s biography.   This guy is amazing!  Has anybody read his books?  If yes, please let me know, as I “discovered” him