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Machine translated news and open thread

Dear friends, I will be gone all day today so I will make this one short. So far, and regardless of the hilarious misrepresentation of the events in the western MSM, the Ukrainian attack as failed everywhere. Peski has been partially taken by the Novorussians (helped by Serbian volunteers), Ukrainians forces around Mariupol are on the retreat and the overall intensity of combats is “medium”. For details, the best I

September 21 Ukraine and Russia mini-SITREP

Demonstrations in Russia:According to RT, 5’000 to 26’000 people have marched in the streets of Moscow demanding peace in the Ukraine.  According to Vzgliad,20 people demonstrated in Petrozavodsk and Saratov, 50 in Perm, up to 100 in Ekaterinburg, 10 in Novosibirsk, 15 in Syktyvkar and a few people in Barnaul.  What are important here are not the actual figures, but the order of magnitude.  What we clearly see is that

A couple of short pointers about the situation in the eastern Ukraine

Guys, I came home late after a pretty crazy day and I can’t write a proper SITREP, if only because of the still very confused situation in the eastern Ukraine.  Still, I want to share a couple of short pointers with you.The “destroyed Russian armor column”: Poroshenko vs Carl SaganI cannot prove a negative.  But then, I am not the one making the claim.  The Ukies and a few British