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Orwellian Italy 2021

By Postfataresurgo for the Saker Blog Francesca Totolo is a journalist and a writer based in Milan, and makes no mystery of her political affiliations. She had a rude awakening one morning at 06.30 am when her home was stormed by an antiterrorist unit of Carabinieri with a search warrant, who seized her PC and cell phone and forced her to follow them at their heardquarters where she learned her

A letter to Italian-Americans

By POSTFATARESURGO for The Saker Blog The World Thought Police (WTP) has included Cristoforo Colombo, a.k.a. Christopher Columbus, in his black list. He was a “bad” person, period. Details are not needed. WTP’s decision are not questionable, nor they can be subject to anyone’s appeal, scrutiny or disagreement. Once the WTP issues a red flag on anyone, past, present or future, scores of enforcers are ready, as they were waiting

Italy’s worst virus? Its ultracasta

by Postfataresurgo for the Saker Blog Years ago, as Italy’s real estate market was spiraling upward after the euro came into effect, I strived to be of assistance to a couple of friends from the Bay Area who had set their minds on becoming home owners in Tuscany. After reading what had become a popular book among Tuscany cognoscenti about a lady who buys an abandoned home in southern Tuscany

Welcome to Orwellian Italy 2020

by postfataresurgo for The Saker Blog A video is circulating in Italy showing an armed policeman abruptly interrupting mass celebration in a small northern italian town in the Lombardy region, ordering the priest to stop the celebration immediately and dismiss the attendees. The priest refuses and goes on with mass, telling the Carabiniere that he has only 13 attendees at mass well distanced between each other and each wearing a

The Foreign Policy of a banana republic

By postfataresurgo for The Saker Blog What is essentially a Banana Republic? Regardless of its agricultural products, whether it’s bananas or broccoli, the definition can be applied to a country that is politically unstable on a permanent basis and/or a country whose sovereignty exists only on paper, being a de facto colony of a bigger power. There is a joke going around Italy these days, after the latest Iranian developments:

Italy’s worst enemies? Domestic, as always

by postfataresurgo for The Saker Blog Anyone watching from outside Italy the unfolding of the news about the Italian government this summer may be left a little puzzled. On one side, we have the government of Italy –namely, the Ministry of the Interior headed by Salvini – timidly enforcing the rule of law and acting like a sovereign country, therefore trying to prevent foreign vessels operated by foreign NGOs to