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Amazing poll at The Independent

Okay, I admit it, when I first saw this one I thought that this might be an April’s Fool.  Not because I disagree with the results, oh no, but because I am amazed that so many people in the UK (of all places!!!) would feel likewise.  But this is for real.  See for yourself:The Independent posted a piece about Nigel Farage saying that Putin’s was the world leader he most

Interesting poll on US public opinion towards the Ukrain

Reason.com reports:  Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Want the US to Stay Out of Ukraine Emily Ekins|April 4, 2014 6:56 pm As tensions rise between Ukraine and Russia, America’s foreign policy hawks argue the US needs to do more. However, Reason-Rupe finds war-weary Americans are reluctant to get involved in yet another conflict abroad. My college Zenon Evans writes more about this here. Conservative hawks like Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol

Two-thirds of Iranians behind Ahmadinejad (MUST READ!)

Voltairenet reports: The International Peace Institute recently released the results of a telephone survey of Iranians. According to the poll, Iranians are clearly split in a one third/two thirds ratio. The majority came out in favour of continuing the Islamic Revolution under President Ahmadinejad. On its part, the minority wishes to suspend financial support to Hamas and Hezbollah, hopes for closer ties with the United States, and backs opposition leader

25% of Israeli Jews Jews Doubt Israel Will Live Long

AL-QUDS, Sept. 7–A quarter of Jewish Israelis doubt that the occupying regime will exist long-term, an opinion poll revealed Friday. According to the results published in the leading Yediot Aharonot newspaper, more than 70 percent have a bad assessment of the Zionist regime’s security situation. When asked if they “felt certain that Israel will exist in the distant future”, 25 percent of respondents said no and 74 percent of the