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Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov in the USSR – Soral and Dieudonne in France

A minor but oh-so-telling example of the power of the Zionist regime in France: French comedian Dieudonne was sentenced to a two months suspended sentence for “condoning terrorism” because he posted on FB: “I feel like Charlie Coulibaly”. French comedian Nicolas Bedos was cleared from any wrongdoings even though he had called Marine LePen a “Fascist bitch“. In the case of Bedos, the court declared that  it was “perfectly clear

More good news, this time from France

he French comedian Dieudonne, recently arrested for a tweet under the new French anti-terror laws, has been freed and will play tonight in the city of Metz in a completely overbooked concert hall. Dieudonne’s lawyers had to sue the state and the owners of the concert hall. This time, the good guys won. A victory for freedom and a quenelle for the Fascist French regime!   [Note from webmaster: We

A few news updates from the virtual trenches of the “Quenelle war”

First, thanks to gallier2 for  pointing out this rather surprisingly reasonable video about Dieudonne and the “quenelle” gesture; this report even features a short interview of Alain Soral who explains what is really going on.  I never would have thought that the BBC could still produce such a more or less well balanced and reasonable report. Second, as I have mentioned in a previous report, Minister of the Interior Manuel

“Quenelle warfare” in France – a “report from the trenches”

The warfare around the quenelle gesture is reaching a new new heights in France were representatives of the plutocratic elites are now seriously considering the following options:a) banning the latest show of Dieudonneb) closing down his theatre in Parisc) jailing Dieudonne  d) making the quenelle gesture a criminal offenceand, I kid you not,e) create a special cell with representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the