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Iran: Socialism’s ignored success story

by Ramin Mazaheri Iran just completed their presidential election, but this article will not discuss the candidates, the result or the political consequences. I work for Iran’s Press TV, which essentially makes me a civil servant, and I think it is correct for me to not reveal who I voted for in order to preserve my independence within the government. I’m quite happy to work for “the people” instead of

Et tu, Macron? Hollande the Betrayer Outdone by His Protégé

by Ramin Mazaheri The Hollande era has ended, and the Macron era has begun –one must look to Brussels to find many who are happy about it. This is not a column about Hollande’s reign, and reign is the right word for a man who leaves the country in an 18-month state of emergency, i.e. a police state dictatorship. But it would be too long to list all of Hollande’s

Macron wins – the 24% who voted for him rejoice, the rest sigh

by Ramin Mazaheri Communist ideas have won concessions from industry, but they have been unable to stop high finance from exploiting workers. That is the big battle today. Only revolutionary and heavily socialist countries like Iran, Cuba and China – as well as dictatorships like South Korea in the past – have been able to stop domination by international finance. France, however, has fearfully rushed into the arms of the

Je Suis Charlie to MacronLeaks? France’s ‘free press’ takes credibility hit

by Ramin Mazaheri I don’t understand: I thought the French were passionately in love with liberty of the press? That’s what they said when they just HAD to publish pictures of the Prophet Muhammad in Charlie Hebdo. And some of these pictures were absolutely pornographic, let’s not forget – they were not respectful, tolerant or even neutral. Heck, one showed Prophet Muhammad actually filming a porn movie. But I thought

Le Pen clowns at debate instead of taking anti-austerity seriously

by Ramin Mazaheri Unlike most Western countries, French politicians do not really do personal attacks. That sounds surprising, but they don’t even criticize each other’s programs with virulence. It’s “inelegant” or “bad form.” But perhaps this is why the French can debate politics over a four-hour Sunday meal? Ultimately, this is poseur nonsense that has nothing do with the brutally harsh and immediate reality of political platforms and decisions. That’s

France’s Melenchon to serve as Le Pen’s Minister of Finance

France’s Melenchon to serve as Le Pen’s Minister of Finance That is what’s known in the news business as an “untrue headline”. If you are greatly upset at my ruse, just send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope and I’ll send you a refund for whatever you paid to read this. However, I do have a serious point: Why aren’t real leftists like Melenchon cutting deals to join the Le Pen

Obama & Macron: Brand changes courtesy of capitalist empire

by Ramin Mazaheri If leaders lead and followers follow, then we’ll have to wait another election cycle to be rid of Emmanuel Macron. Since Sarkozy l’américain France is a follower. He buried the independence which was a key part of Charles de Gaulle’s worldview. France now follows the lead of American capitalists. In NATO, in globalization, in subordinating the EU to the US, in subordinating French national interests to the

Le Pen &Trump aren’t even close – are we stuck with Emmanuel Macr-Obama?

by Ramin Mazaheri It’s not that the National Front has changed since the 1980s – it’s that the other parties have changed so much for the worse. C’est ça – that’s the point, as the French say, and which translates into English rather ineffectively. Nobody should be happy about having to vote for Marine Le Pen, but please tell me what economic policies has Emmanuel Macron espoused which will end the

Champs-Elysees attack: Perfect timing, for some

by Ramin Mazaheri On the night of April 21st I was in my office in Paris, just 100 meters from the Champs-Elysees, when I got a phone call from a fellow journalist telling me about the deadly attack on policemen there. I was in the middle of working on my latest report on France’s presidential election for Iran’s Press TV. When I got the call, I had just written this

NY Times: France can only choose between globalization and racism?

by Ramin Mazaheri So there I was again, on an airplane from San Francisco to New York – the “job creators’ red-eye” – and I had plenty of time to read the New York Times’ Roger Cohen cover the French presidential election in an extended Sunday Review format. Joy of joys! Our “paper of record” has sent Cohen back to cover his old beat for the election. Get ready for some

A French Guian-exit? Will the EU lose another member?

by Ramin Mazaheri Is the European Union about to lose its modern-day colony in South America? Your eyes should be turned towards tiny French Guiana because it is currently the global epicenter of anti-imperialism amid a 3-week General Strike. It just got even more serious: A “total blockade” until a “new order” has just been announced to start on April 9th. Yes, French Guiana is part of the EU, the

‘Bernie Hamon’: Too late for another center-left letdown in the West?

by Ramin Mazaheri Many in the West are finally starting to come around to the reality that their mainstream “left” party is actually quite right-wing. What’s taking longer for Westerners to realize is: the left flank of their mainstream “left” party is actually not left-wing at all. Starting with the United States: What real impact has Bernie Sanders had? As predicted – none. Sanders’ preferred candidate for Democratic National Committee

Emmanuel Macron: France’s ‘Roths-churian candidate’?

by Ramin Mazaheri How can we explain that centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron is still leading the French presidential elections, just a month away? Is it possible that every Macron supporter – and not Macron himself – has been brainwashed like in the movie “The Manchurian Candidate”? Maybe it’s a case of “The Manchurian Voters”? That seems unlikely. Lotta work to hypnotize so many millions of people. As a longtime daily

EU to offer 2-speed solution too late to stop French election

by Ramin Mazaheri Keep asking the fundamental question: Has the European Union brought the prosperity and security it promised? No. Then that will always be a perfectly valid reason for exiting. Because it hasn’t brought prosperity and security, can the European Union be reformed? I have said “no” for years, but it’s been a month of historic changes in Europe, with more to come. After years of rejecting such an

‘White Trash’ – both a book and Trump revolution?

by Ramin Mazaheri White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America (2016) by Nancy Isenberg is a book which is credited with the groundbreaking idea of studying the history of poor Whites in America. It’s a necessary book because it gives us a lot of badly-needed historical information to analyze the major divide in the United States today: between pro- and anti-Trump factions. Hillary Clinton denounced Trump supporters as

‘White Trash’ – A book review of our family

by Ramin Mazaheri Americans, whether you like it or not, and whether you admit it or not, this book review is about our family. White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America (2016) by Nancy Isenberg is a book so necessary that it compelled reviews in “The New York Times” and “The Wall Street Journal” because it finally gives White Trash the place in American history that they have

Who is Francois Fillon and should we still care?

by Ramin Mazaheri I know that if you’re on The Saker you have a ton of great stuff to read, and I don’t want to waste your time, so: Fillon is a French presidential candidate, and no you do not have to care about him anymore. Are you still reading? Well then, we must be related! (Send food/money/fewer pictures) I have put off writing this article for so long that

What does the Tao say about Europe and Islam?

by Ramin Mazaheri Look, we are just butting heads here, we Muslims and Europeans. Constantly arguing over whose ideology and culture is superior. And all the while the 1% of families who own 99% of the world’s wealth are just looking down and laughing at us as they read their stock tickers. And that 1% is multicultural, multiracial and practices multiple religions. They don’t care about European or Muslim or

There’s a Deep State in America?!

by Ramin Mazaheri Imagine my surprise when, on my flight back from San Francisco to New York, that’s what my trusty New York Times revealed to me. My first thought was: I can’t believe how this horrible Donald Trump has set up a Deep State in less than a month?! Surely Russia was involved in its formation. Then again, I strangely find myself thinking a lot about Russia these days.

More French riots despite 12 years of trying nothing

by Ramin Mazaheri As Communist hero and the “African Che Guevara”, Thomas Sankara, famously said: “A soldier without any political or ideological training is a potential criminal.” France’s police have an ideology, because everyone has one: Only the truly apathetic or the most indoctrinated claim to not have one. I’ll be honest: I have not attended France’s police academy nor read their training manuals so I can’t say for sure,