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Ramzan Kadyrov Forms Brand New ‘Akhmat Regiment’ Within the Russian Defense Ministry

Translated by Leo V. Ramzan Kadyrov Forms a New Regiment National units are a long tradition of the Russian Army. Original link: https://nvo.ng.ru/concepts/2022-07-14/5_1197_tradition.html Article by Sergei Kozlov, a military historian and Soviet-Afghan War Veteran. In relation to the Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine, President of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov demonstrates a solid patriotic position. And he personally oversees the activities of the national Chechen units of the Russian

Ramzan Kadyrov Reads a Poem about Ukraine

https://t.me/RKadyrov_95/2289 Posted on Kadyrov’s Telegram channel on June 10, 2022. Translated by Leo V. My sidenote: If I had to name this poem, it would be Naïve Україна   Ukraine, Ukraine! What is the catch? You are beautiful and naïve on the ruins of the epochs. And now you are ruled by a mask of false goodness, Those who burned Taras Bulba on the rapids near the Dnieper.   There

Translation of Ramzan Kadyrov’s reaction to Biden’s UNGA lecturing 🤣🤣

This is a translation of Ramzan Kadyrov’s reaction on this telegram channel to this clip of Biden’s lecturing in his speech to the General Assembly of the UN. https://saker.community/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/video_2021-09-23_10-48-04.mp4   The leader of the most problematic, aggressive country in the world, embittered by all Muslim states and plowing the Arab world with aerial bombs, Biden, who shamefully returned troops from Afghanistan, all of a sudden began to mention the Chechen

Ramzan Kadyrov’ views on homosexuality

Dear friends, Ramzan Kadyrov recently gave a long interview on Russian TV to Nailia Asker-Zade which included an interesting and a beautifully politically incorrect segment about homosexuality.  Thanks to Eugenia, I can now post this segment with English subtitles. I am posting this not because I endorse or agree with what Kadyrov says, although I basically do, but to give you a sense of how dramatically different Russia is from

Kadyrov: West will use every resource to bring Russia to her knees

RT reports: The US and its Western allies will use any opportunity to harm Russia, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov told RT. He believes the rise of terrorism in Syria was similar to what happened to his native Chechnya two decades ago. “The West, Europe do not want to help anyone. The important thing for them is to use every resource against Russia. They want to see us kneeling before them,”

Did Kadyrov really threaten to “shoot Federals”? A clarification

When I first got emails telling me that Kadyrov ordered any “Federals” who would cross the Chechen border shot on sight I dismissed this as utter nonsense.  Then, to my amazement, I found out that this was true.  But the context was very specific.  To make a long and confusing story short: A group of special police forces from the neighboring region of Stavropol crossed the Chechen border and shot

Chechen leader blasts Europe over double standards on terrorism

RT Reports…   The unprecedented public response to the Charlie Hebdo shootings in France could be organized by those who want to stir anti-Islamic sentiment and distract people from other problems, claims the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.     The head of the Chechen Republic explained his position through his longtime medium of choice – the Instagram photo sharing service. In an extensive post accompanying a picture of himself

Ramzan Kadyrov offers Putin his own *personal* volunteer Chechen special force

Amazing video, thanks so much to all those who translated it in less then 24 hours!!  The video begins by showing the Chechen special forces equipped with Russian military and police special forces uniform.  Notice that the average age seems to be in the 30s.  You can tell that these are hard core, experienced fighters.  Will Putin actually use them and, if yes, how so?  It is hard to tell. 

The Chechens and Ramzan Kadyrov – reply to a reader

After my recent post about Chechnia and the hope it gives me, one reader posted a particularly interesting comment which, I believe, deserves a full answer.  One thing which particularly motivated me to write this more detailed reply rather that a shot comment-reply was that what this reader wrote almost exactly mirrored my own thoughts just a few years ago.  So in replying to this reader I have the opportunity