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In Loving Memory of America

Gilad Atzmon moving tribute for America’s greatest heroes “On an especially cold Jerusalem night I heard Bird playing “April in Paris” on a radio program. I was knocked down. It was by far more organic, poetic, sentimental and yet wilder than anything I had ever heard before. Bird was a fierce libidinal extravaganza of wit and energy. The morning after, I decided to skip school, I rushed to the one

Iraqi Resistance Responds to President Obama

RafidanThe Political CommitteeBaghdadThe Republic of Iraq Statement in Response to President Obama’s Remarks made on the 27th or February 2009 regarding the proclaimed ending to the occupation of The Republic of Iraq. Official English Transcript Release No: 57 March 02, 2009Exclusive for “Information Clearing House” Good Evening, In Respect to the remarks of President Barak Hussain Obama, The president of the United States of America. The Political Committee of a

The definition of occupation

By Abdelnasser Rashid, April 15, 2006, 11th Grade student, PALESTINE Occupied, terrorized, genocidewhile the whole world is hypnotized,Sixty years, incessant tearsno day passes by without countless fearsFor our lives, our wives, our children cryyet the world turns away, and our spirits die.For my land, I do standbut I remain hopeless without a helping hand,Oppression, suppression, depressionof every aspect of my life, you’ve taken possession,Our weapons are stones, to protect our

Sadr to form new resistance group

Press TV reports: Iraq’s influential leader Moqtada al-Sadr has announced plans to set up a new resistance group to fight US occupation in the country. “The resistance will be carried out exclusively by a special group which I will announce later,” Sadr said in a statement read out at a mosque in the holy town of Kufa. The cleric vowed to uphold resistance against the occupiers until the liberation of

Happy “Liberation and Resistance Day” to all those who resist!

Dear friends, On May 25th Lebanon, at least that part of Lebanon which cares about its freedom, marks “Liberation and Resistance Day”: the day when Hezbollah defeated Israel after a brutal 22 year long occupation and expelled the Zionists out of Lebanon. This day, however, should be celebrated by all those who believe “that resistance is life and life is resistance” because what happened 8 years ago was the first

Sycophantic Dubya kowtows to his bosses (includes commentary)

President Bush Addresses Members of the KnessetThe KnessetJerusalem 2:55 P.M. (Local) THE PRESIDENT: President Peres and Mr. Prime Minister, Madam Speaker, thank very much for hosting this special session. President Beinish, Leader of the Opposition Netanyahu, Ministers, members of the Knesset, distinguished guests: Shalom. Laura and I are thrilled to be back in Israel. We have been deeply moved by the celebrations of the past two days. And this afternoon,

Absolutely amazing interview with Norman Finkelstein

I just came across this interview with Norman Finkelstein. While it is already 2 years old, it is even *more* relevant, I would even say more prophetic, today. I got to give that to Finkelstein: he has got tremendous courage and integrity. He should be an example to all of us. I should mention here that the TV station Finkelstein is being interviewed by is Hariri’s “Future TV” (the one

Sadrists Strike Deal to End Fighting

Alalam reports: BAGHDAD, May 10–The movement of anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said Saturday it had reached an agreement with Iraqi officials to end weeks of fighting in Baghdad. Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, the spokesman for the cleric’s office in the central shrine city of Najaf, said the deal reached with a government delegation would be effective from Sunday. “This agreement will be executed from tomorrow. The Sadr movement has agreed to

Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun has held the Lebanese government accountable for deteriorating security situation in the country

Alalam news reports that General Aoun said in a televised speech on Thursday: “I place all the blame on the government.” Aoun voiced support for comments earlier made by Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah that the political divide had a “political rather than a sectarian dimension to it.” Nasrallah warned on Thursday that a Lebanese government crackdown on his group was tantamount to a “declaration of war” on behalf of

Nasrallah accuses ruling coalition of ‘declaring war,’ singles out Jumblatt

Hizbullah secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said during a press conference Thursday that Lebanon has entered a new phase of its political crisis and warned that a government crackdown on his party was tantamount to a “declaration of war.” Nasrallah stressed that Hizbullah was ready to return to dialogue, linking talks to a government back-track regarding measures taken Tuesday. The eruption of violence is immediately rooted in a Cabinet decision

Lebanon’s opposition takes west Beirut

According to a Press TV correspondent in Lebanon, opposition forces have now taken full control of west Beirut. Opposition forces have stormed the Ras al-Naba area which is a key stronghold of the western-backed ruling coalition. They have detained gunmen loyal to the government and handed them over to the Lebanese army. Reports also say guards have now fled the offices belonging to coalition leader Saad al-Hariri’s Future Group. Informed

Pentagon institute calls Iraq war ‘a major debacle’ with outcome ‘in doubt’

By Jonathan S. Landay and John Walcott, McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — The war in Iraq has become “a major debacle” and the outcome “is in doubt” despite improvements in security from the buildup in U.S. forces, according to a highly critical study published Thursday by the Pentagon’s premier military educational institute. The report released by the National Defense University raises fresh doubts about President Bush ‘s projections of a U.S.

Interview with the leader of the Islamic Army of Iraq

(many thanks to datta for this submission) Note: It turns out that this article comes from the blog of Layla Anwar. The original link is this: http://arabwomannews.blogspot.com/I had not been made aware of this since I had received this text by email. I apologize to Layla for not linking to her piece. I am removing this article, but I will leave the comments. Anyone interested in reading the original article

Gaza: the Empire strikes back (and risks loosing Egypt in the process)

It was the be expected: the Pharaoh, who had been told by his masters that he was expected to “solve the problem” moved his stormtroopers in to attempt to close the border between Egypt and Gaza. Simultaneously, the Empire sensing that the situation might be getting out of control at the United Nations moved to prevent the adoption of a UNSC resolution on the blockade of Gaza. Lastly, Israel carried

350,000 Gazans stream into Egypt – situation explosive: an analysis (updated!)

According to the United Nations, some 350,000 Gazans have streamed into Egypt after Hamas militants blew up dozens of holes in the metal wall which separated Gaza from Egypt. Most of the wall is now destroyed. Obviously, while this is good news for the Gazans starved by the Israeli blockade, this development is also full of potential dangers. It is unlikely that Hamas will stop the firing of Kassam rockets

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei wants a “powerful Russia”

“A sovereign Iran is in the interest of Russia. At the same time, a powerful Russia is in the interest of Iran” Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei welcomed the Russian President’s declaration of Moscow resolve for expanding the bilateral relations with Tehran to unlimited levels adding that the expansion would prove beneficial to both nations. Ayatollah Khamenei told the visiting Vladimir Putin Tuesday night that the two nations

The Hidden Facts – A Message From The Iraqi Resistance (transcript & video)

“ICH” – Free people of the world, we believe it is time to provide you with another updated report on the status of the war as we in the resistance factions perceive. We have several indications from the fields and from within the puppet government in Baghdad that the tactics used by the occupation forces have developed, yet the strategic aims that drive them, remains the same and in order

USSR 1974 – USA 2007: back to the future

“What can we do?”. This is an old question indeed. When a nation becomes enslaved by a government of thugs and terrorists one of the main goals of the rulers is to make their subjects believe that there is nothing they can do about it. Failing that, they want to push all the opposition into some activity which would justify the use of violence against them. So what are the