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Real world vs “TV reality” – is a war inevitable?

We have all heard the irresponsible statements coming from US politicians and, which is far more worrisome, generals: Putin must be ‘stopped’ and Russia must ‘not be allowed’ to achieve her various nefarious goals.  A typical such statement was recently made by retired four-star Gen. Barry McCaffrey: Because so far NATO’s reaction to Putin’s aggression has been to send a handful of forces to the Baltics to demonstrate ‘resolve,’ which

Ukie hunt on Russian journalists and the possibility of war

It is no secret that the junta in Kiev hates the Russian media.  This is hardly surprising considering that with a few extraordinarily rare exceptions, the western press corps walks in lockstep with Psaki’s narrative about this war.  So Russian journalists have been beating up, kidnapped, searched, detained, tortured and, of course, murdered.  And just in case anybody would still hold on to the belief that this policy is the