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Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks

Since  I am on something of a roll on the topic of the technological aspects of what I call “surviving in a world of zombies”, I have decided to post some links to the audio recording of a recent presentation by Richard Stallman (a personal hero of mine) on the issue of Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks.  In this absolutely fascinating talk, Richard (who often is

Kettling Wikileaks

by Richard Stallman for Defective by Design Kettling: also known as containment or corralling – a police tactic for the management of large crowds during demonstrations or protests. The Anonymous web protests over WikiLeaks are the internet equivalent of a mass demonstration. It’s a mistake to call them hacking (playful cleverness) or cracking (security breaking). The LOIC program that is being used by the group is prepackaged so no cleverness