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“We stand with you”: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters announces Palestine solidarity forum in Brazil

The Electronic Intifada reports: Roger Waters, British rock legend and co founder of the group Pink Floyd, visiting Israel’s separation wall surrounding the West Bank town of Bethlehem on June 21, 2006. Waters wrote slogans as “Tear down the wall” in a protest against it and the affect it has on the Palestinian population. Legendary UK musician, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, has reiterated his strong support for the Palestinian campaign

Roger Waters releases a video in support of the people of Gaza

Comment: I consider Roger Waters as the biggest musical genius of the entire Rock music movement. I began listening to Pink Floyd at age 10 and I have listening to Roger Water’s amazing music ever since. This latest video is most definitely not his best recording, but that is not what counts here. What is important is that Roger Waters is most definitely a “fashion-setter”, a high visibility person whose