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Россия не Европа (Russia is not Europe) – Humor

Note: Concerning the example of the overflowing toilet, having lived in the USA for a total of 18 years now, I can attest that overflowing and backed-up toilets are even more a US tradition than a Russian one.  There is even a special company called Roto-Rooter specializing it who is officially an “emergency pluming and drain” service but which in reality spends all of its time declogging back-up toilets.  As

Россия не Европа (Russia is not Europe) – Second Musical Illustration

Dear friends, Following my recent post Россия не Европа (Russia is not Europe) – an example through Music a reader emailed me the link to a recent Russian Folk Festival featuring artists from various regions of Russia which, in my opinion, further illustrate the fact that Russia is not Europe or, more accurately, that “non-Russian Russians” are also not Europeans. See for yourself and enjoy the great music! The Saker