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SITREP: letter from Russia about the elections

by Geneva Observer for the Saker blog Today, with a sunny blue sky and cold breeze, I had the pleasure to accompany three generations of family members to the voting polls here in Yaroslavl. The polling station was in the local school. The school is surrounded by an iron enclosure with a gate to allow a single person to enter at a time. Two steps up and we entered through

Russian Presidential Elections: boring, useless and necessary?

[this analysis was written for the Unz Review] As the Presidential elections in Russia are drawing near I am amazed to see how much interest this event is generating in spite of the fact that it sure seems to me that this will be an incredibly boring and, frankly, totally useless event. But first, full disclosure: I don’t have much faith in the so-called “democratic process”. Just look at the

My imagination vs Occam

I have been thinking a lot about the recent events in Russia, the elections to the Duma, the short-lived “White Revolution”, then the cameras in all voting locations, and finally Putin’s triumphant election.  Something just kept creping back to my (admittedly paranoid) mind, over and over again.  I was pushing it down, but it used the “what if?” method to harass my imagination which is by nature, training and trade

Russian opposition leaders congratulate Putin for his victory

The only ones disputing the results of the elections in Russia today are the Western corporate ziomedia and their new darling, Gennadii Zuiganov of the Communist Party.  But then, that guy was always a clown… All the other opposition leaders came to personally congratulate Putin on his victory: Zhirinovski, Putin, Mironov, Prokhorov In the streets of Moscow over 100’000 people came out in the middle of the night to declare

“2 x 64” – A great DOUBLE slap in the dirty and hateful face of the West

After Iran, now Russia.  According to exit polls and preliminary results, Putin wins in one tour with a crushing 64% of the vote.  Funny, since 64% was also the voter turnout in Iran yesterday. According to various media reports, the conservatives in Iran say that these results are a “great slap in the dirty and hateful face of the West” whose “Green” minions (Rafsanjani, Mousavi & Co.) had called for

Russian ‘Mousavi’ found!

Sure looks like in my first post about the elections in Russia I missed the obvious “Russian Mousavi”: the good old Mikhail “Gorbi” Gorbachev – the man which the West loves so much for wrecking the Soviet regime and country – now is calling for new elections.  Which makes me wonder if George Soros wants to be the (not quite Russian) ‘Russian’ Rafsanjani.  So far, he has kept a low

The same lame nonsense again… (UPDATED 3x)

Elections in Russia are talking place and already the Western corporate media is doing exactly what it did with the recent elections in Iran: ‘reporting’ about fraud ‘allegations’.  And again, these reports are clearly prima facie idiocy.  Here is why: Fist, just as Iran, Russia is a very large country and, at this moment in time, not ever the Russian government has any meaningful results or any kind of measure