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The Russian media just loves the campaign to demonize Putin

Last May I wrote an article entitled Counter-propaganda, Russian style in which I explained that far from banning or censoring the western anti-Putin/anti-Russia campaign, the Russia media reported about it in meticulous detail.  Half a year later, not only is this still true, but the level of coverage has now sharply increased.  Check out this screenshot from the latest (and most watched) weekly news show: Remember that roughly 80% plus

Poroshenko’s address to Ukrainian people and people of the World in connection of 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II.

Note: the text below was posted on the official website of Poroshenko, but only in Ukrainian, not in English or Russian.  Which is especially interesting since it it addressed not only to the Ukrainian people, but also to the “world community”.  Thanks to “AA” who translated this from Ukrainian into English I can share with you this most interesting speech.  As you will see, Poroshenko wants to create an international

The not so subtle art of russophobic propaganda

I am seriously getting the feeling that the western plutocracy has decided to trigger a war with Russia. What else could explain this type of coordinated “minute of hate” -kind of propaganda: Thanks to Cu Chulainn who send me this one: Translation: STOP PUTIN NOW! Thanks to LeDahu who sent me this one:  translation: Putin’s spies in France Thanks to Anonymous who sent me this one: Thanks to Anonymous who