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Important message about the blog from Andrei

Dear friends, While I did not reply to any comments, I have read them very carefully.  I have also received a lot of emails and, again, I read all of them very carefully.  I also consulted with my family, a few very trusted friends and advisors and I have prayed for God to allow me to discern His will and I have taken the following decisions: First, I will shut

Celebrating the Nativity

Dear friends, I will be taking a few days off, from Thursday until Sunday evening, to attend church services at my parish.  God willing, I should be back at the keyboard by Monday.  On this occasion I will leave you with some beautiful Orthodox singing for the Nativity. I wish all those who celebrate the Nativity a peaceful and joy-filled celebration! Christ is born! Glorify Him! Andrei

Last update before hurricane Nicole

Dear friends, The good news is that compared to Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Nicole will be less apocalyptic: it is, after all, already November, the waters are still very warm, and they feed hurricanes with energy, but the system is not as well organized as a typical, mid-summer, tropical cyclone.  The bad news is that waves offshore will reach 40 and possibly even 50 feet.  Those waves will not come directly

Small note and small request

Dear friends This week end my family and I have to move from the house we initially rented after the hurricane to a cheaper location.  Frankly, I don’t know what the new place will look like or, worse, what kind of Internet it will have (it has some kind of connection, but I don’t have any details).  Which means that what we could save from the flood and which we

Update from Andrei

Dear friends We found a home to stay. We have workable Internet. Best of all, a neighbor told us that in his opinion our house might be fixable, but it will take time (especially to get the materials). Compared to much of Florida, we are very lucky. I am totally spent and will have to use the little energy I have to salvage the salvageable from our house. I hope

Update from Andrei

My family and I are all safe. Our house flooded and is uninhabitable so we will have to relocate for a few months. I hope to return to at least some blogging by next week, God willing. I cannot reply to emails right now. I apologize to you all. Thank you all for your prayers and support! Andrei

A chaotic post to start the week: international news, blog news and personal info

Dear friends, This will be a somewhat chaotic post since I am going to mix international news, blog news and personal use.  But first, I want to address something which deeply bothers me: the reaction of some to the recent prisoner exchange.  Specifically, I want to address those who so vociferously opposed it and criticized the Kremlin for agreeing to it.  So in my next paragraph I want to direct

Small update about the blog and Andrei

Dear friends, I just wanted to update you on a few things. First, the Saker blog is almost back to normal.  There are a few things to still polish up, like the weird looking guest analyses sections, and the Latin American Saker blog is still down, as we are still waiting for the folks who run it to give us the needed data to fix it. Second, I feel that

Update about the site from Andrei

Dear friends We are back up, but we are still fixing/changing a few things.  Obviously, I cannot share what we have done and are still doing.  But the progress is real and I wanted to share that with you.  Still, two of our Saker blogs (Italian and Latin American) are down due to the changes we had to make.  We hope to get them back up next.  Please stay tuned.

Quick update from Andrei on this and that

Dear friends, It has been almost a month since you heard from me, so I decided to post a short update. As I indicated in my initial post, I had to take time off for health reasons.  I don’t think I have any obligation, even implied, to go into details, but just to reassure you, I can promise you that my problems were a common but painful combo of GI

Message to the Saker Community from Andrei (UPDATED)

Dear friends, Christ is Risen! I hope that those amongst you who are Orthodox Christians had a peaceful and joy-filled celebration of Holy Paskha. My family and I had a wonderful celebration and we are now back at home. First, I want to share with you a quick “state of the blog” update: the blog is doing *fantastic* with something between 7 and 10 million pages served each month. I

Day 22 – where do we go from here? Two decisions

Dear friends, I think that three weeks into this special military operation we can take a few moments to pause and think about where we are and where we go from here. My first observation is this: there are, roughly, two main groups of people out there, those who “get it” and those who don’t.  In practical terms, this is what this means for me: when I write I am

I wish everybody a very happy Nativity!

Dear friends, I wish to all of you who celebrate the Holy Nativity according to the Flesh of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ on January 7th a joy-filled and peaceful feast day! My family and I will be leaving our home for 3 days to join our parish on the West Coast of Florida for the celebration of the Nativity.  I will be taking a small laptop with

Quick state of the blog report and new year wishes

Dear friends As usual, I will present you with a bullet point “state of the blog” report, something I try to do once a year. The short summary is that the blog is doing great, in spite of a totally crazy 2021 year. I will be honest and admit that this was a tough year on many levels for the entire Saker community and for me too.  Between the pandemic,

Saker message of thanks to our wonderful community!

Dear friends I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to all those who have responded to my Fall appeal for donations: all of you have been extremely generous, irrespective of how much you actually donated.  Some of you gave more, some less, but all gave from the heart, and many of you wrote extremely touching letters of support, both by email and by snail mail.  Some could not donate money,

Beware of clickbaiting, sensationalism, baseless rumors, etc…

Dear friends, A little less than a year ago I posted an small warning I entitled “Why hit pieces should be ignored by our Community” and, in the same spirit, I have decided to post another warning about a related phenomenon (if only because we usually see the same parties doing both things): clickbaiting. I decided to write this because I am regularly getting emails sounding something like this: “have

Saker message to the community and readers: thanks and mini “Community SITREP”

Dear friends, It’s time for me to give you a quick update on how things are going in our community and how we fit in the general political picture of this end of 2018. But first, I want to sincerely thank all those who have generously contributed to the recent Fall fundraiser – I want to thank you for the donations you sent, of course, but also for the very

The US message to the world: Bow down and worship me!

Dear friends, I just wanted to let you know that I am aware of the situation.  Frankly, I have already said everything I had to say about the so-called ‘West’ in the following articles: AngloZionist options (intermediate report) UPDATED What price will mankind have to pay for the collapse of the Empire? and I don’t have much to add on substance. Tonight all I ask you to follow the advice