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The Ukrainian elections – a short preview of the coming attraction (UPDATED)

Mommy! Daddy!  Look at the circus that came to town! :-) Well, it sure looks like the Ukrainian elections will be very interesting after all.  No, they probably won’t change anything truly important, but what is taking place is most interesting indeed.  I just want to mention a few things bullet-point style, not a real analysis (that will be for after the election), but maybe somewhat of a preview.  So,

Listening to Lavrov and remembering the Crusaders (UPDATED!)

I was just listening to Lavrov’s reaction to the latest grandstanding nonsense spewed yesterday by Obama. Lavrov mentioned that it is rather clear that the USA refuse to be even the “first amongst equals”. I had to smile. Lavrov was referring to the notion of primus inter pares which means just that, “first amongst equals”, and which was the primacy of honor the entire Christian world was willing to grant

The EU’s ugly kindergarten of intellectually challenged clowns

In my previous post, I mentioned that western leaders are going through a clear phase of self-delusion and panic.  I want to add a short comment about the self-delusion part.I am amazed, absolutely amazed, at the fact that EU politicians, and the MSM which serves them, are still seriously discussing the adoption of even more sanctions against Russia when it is absolutely, totally and undeniably obvious that:a) there is no

Just a thought, not even a hypothesis

A number of bloggers and media outlets have suggested that maybe the Ukies had tried to down President Putin’s Il-96-300PU which externally looks like a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777.  I am frankly dubious.  Yes, the junta in Kiev is evil and crazy, but not suicidal and such an attack is an act of war which would trigger an absolutely devastating retaliation from Russia.  Besides, even though their liveries look similar,

A false fag operation in Damascus?

WOW!  That was my first thought when I heard the news of the bombing in Syria.  So far, the details are sketchy, and I don’t trust the anglo corporate media one bit, but I do follow the news on Russian TV – unlike most Western news outlets – which has correspondents in Damascus and what they report is absolutely mind-boggling.  According to the Russian TV, an individual associated with the

Some random musings on the American soldier on Memorial Day

Usually, when the USA is commemorating Memorial Day, I try to write something about the many hundred of millions of people which were murdered by US military forces during this country’s short history.  Sometimes I like to post a list of US wars/interventions.  If you are interested in this topic, click here, here, here or here.  Today, I wanted to do something a little different.  I wanted to share with

Some quick thoughts about the situation in Egypt

(Please consider the following as the superficial musings and impressions of an interested observer who openly admits that he does not know Egypt and does not pretend to understand what is happening there – me.  The Saker) Wow!  The folks at Tahrir square have been there for two weeks, and yet judging by live shots from al-Jazeera the square is still full of people, and that is at night.  I