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European leaders bring flowers to honor a Belarusian terrorist (+important development!)

Check out this video of diplomats of the EU (and a few others) laying flowers on the location where a Belarusian recently died: This action is truly breathtaking in its hypocrisy and total delusion. Why? Well, for one thing, these guys don’t realize that their reputation has been roadkill ever since they “guaranteed” the deal between Ianukovich and the Urkonazis, a deal which, as we all know was broken the

A quick update on Belarus

A quick update on the events in Belarus: To make a long story short, two major developments have happened: My guess is that by now Lukashenko has now figured (again) that the West wants him dead AND he has figured out that he has been conned by the Ukie SBU and, most likely, elements inside his own KGB. The Belarusian security forces (riot police and KGB) have ruthlessly cracked down

More short news items, a few comments and a quote by Felix Derzhinsky

Elections in Russia: the turnout was good, the result a crushing victory for Putin’s party.  There is exactly zero signs of a “Russian Maidan”.  The popularity of Putin is as high as ever and much, much higher than the popularity of any western leader.  The Putin-bashers everywhere have clearly failed to even have a marginal impact.Fall session of the Duma: all the party leaders spoke and all agree that harboring

Just a few pointers from the Saker

Dear friends, I am dealing with some “back office organizational issues” which are taking up a lot of my time, so I still cannot write a real full SITREP today.  Hopefully I will do that during the week-end.  Still, I wanted to mention a few interesting things to you, just short pointers, which I think are important. 1)  We are constantly dealing with propaganda, counter-propaganda and counter-counter propaganda.  And yet,