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Saker Telegram discussion group : ANNOUNCEMENT

Dear Friends In the technical solution that was chosen for this Telegram group, to avoid the need for moderation, and to avoid spam, I made sure to have a group that is technically “closed” to all for the rights of writing. I validate individual members by giving them an administrator status, with minimal rights, just so they can write. But I have just reached the administrator limit that Telegram allows

Saker announcement: changes in the planned Saker Telegram signup plans

Dear friends, The good news is that a lot of you have asked to join.  The bad news is that I am a dodo-brain and that I did complicate things unnecessarily.  So here is what Fedor and I have decided: First, all those who want to subscribe need to send an email to Fedor with your Telegram name/handle; that means that you need to sign up to Telegram first and